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Best Guide to Designing a Craftsman Kitchen

Craftsman kitchens offer a unique modern design for your home kitchen. They have grown in popularity since the shows on HGTV for that thing.

So what if you are going to choose a particular theme, can you do it right? Here we provide a guide to designing your dream kitchen with a Craftsman kitchen.


What is a Craftsman Style Kitchen?

A craftsman-style kitchen is simply defined as the use of simple straight lines, quality construction, minimal ornamentation, and an emphasis on function in the kitchen cabinet design. They are an amalgamation of the Arts and Crafts movement, bringing warmth and elegance to your home.

A Brief History Craftsman Kitchen

Craftsman Kitchens & Baths (Owned by St. Charles) have begun their journey over 45 years ago. They have successfully become the largest cabinet companies in the intermountain west. While the Craftsman itself was the wood line of cabinetry for that company.

The Craftsman design movement emerged in response to mass production and the large number of items being made at low prices in the early 19 Century. In 1985 the ownership of Craftsman Kitchen has changed from St. Charles to Chris Woodward due to purchase. Then, in the coming years, they grew as the top high-end custom cabinet manufacturers in the state till today.

Elements of a Craftsman Kitchen Design

After knowing the type of kitchen you want, then you have to know all about the materials. Start your product search based on the theme you go for it. Emphasizing the use of natural materials such as real wood will improve the balance between comfort and style.

Pay attention to some essential elements for Craftsman Kitchen, they are as the following:

  • Wooden Cabinetry
  • Earthy Color Notes
  • Simple Lighting
  • Wooden flooring
  • Classic backsplash
  • Wood or Quartz countertops

Through these design elements, we will guide you in pouring your ideas to get the best kitchen. It’s also a way to stay committed to your design choices.

Simple Wooden Cabinets

Craftsman Kitchen Wood Cabinets
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Sturdy wooden is the best choice for the cabinetry materials to represent the Craftsman style. Oak, hickory, maple, and cherry are the popular and excellent choice for craftsman kitchen cabinetry. Leave the wood color to stay natural, you can use a light stain to create an epic base with maintaining the beauty of the grain.

For the cabinet door style is best to use a simple design with straight, square edges and simple, clean lines. You can choose a framed cabinetry construction with a flat panel or raised panel and perhaps with a simple glass panel. This will look marvelous for corner cabinets or upper cabinetry across a back wall.

Earthy Color Palette for a Craftsman Kitchen

Craftsman color palette
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Craftsman styles tend to emphasize the use of earthy color tones. It maintains the philosophy that the house should reflect its surroundings.

Since wood is the main material for cabinets, the color of your kitchen furnishings should complement the stain of the cabinets, not overpower it. Cabinet stain is light and airy, think durable cherry, maple, and oak tones. Using wooden furniture with lighter paints such as in the earth color scheme helps soften the room.

Earthy color tones lean toward colors pulled straight from nature. Woodsy greens, woodsy browns, mossy greens, golds, and rusty oranges are a set of color schemes that use for the modern craftsman style kitchen. This color is usually applied through the use of paint, tiles, and accents.

Simple Lighting

Simple pendant lighting for craftsman style kitchen
Image Credit:

The most important part of craftsman style lighting is its pure function, seem you will not find hidden lighting in the Craftsman kitchen. You can use simple lighting such as pendants, chandeliers, or tiffany lamps to stay true to your kitchen decor theme.

The various light fixtures above will add visual flair with their strong geometric lines. It also gives a warm, traditional, yet functional feel while maintaining a touch of modern design.

Wooden Flooring

Image Credit :

Real wood flooring is one of the most noticeable distinctive classic elements of Craftsman design. This floor model will complement your cabinets, giving it a warm impression. They are generally not painted, only lightly stained to maintains the beauty of the grains.

If real wood doesn’t feel modern to you, you can choose other materials with a wooden look like ceramic tile, imitation wood, and laminate. Ceramic tiles now come with a wooden plank motif that is very similar to real wood. Wood faux and lamination also have an easier application process, no need for glue or nails.

Classic Backsplashes

Craftsman kitchen classic tile backsplash
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The backsplash is the main decorative element in many such spaces. They have a big role to play in adding an element of color to the overall look of the room.

If you like traditional styles, handmade tiles will be the top choice as our suggestion. These tiles are marketed in various designs and colorful charms that you can apply to your backsplash. Another option is natural stone, its natural beauty provides the ideal foil for a classic backsplash.

Choose an earthy color for that both ingredients, including variations of blue, stone gray and muted green. Then, what if your kitchen space is small? Just use reflective and shiny tiles to create a wider feel.

The Ideal Countertops

Beautiful quartz countertops
Image Credit:

There are many options for kitchen countertops, but not all of them are suitable for the craftsman’s kitchen style. The most recommended material for your classic craftsman kitchen table is wood.

Some of the popular types of wood are hard maple, black walnut, worm chestnut and bamboo. The color is very natural, with just a little staining you can feel the natural warmth in your kitchen.

If you prefer a harder surface for your countertop, consider using a quartz countertop. Do you know what material this is? Quartz is actually an engineered stone product that is used as a worktop material.

The basic material is 93 percent quartz and resin as a binder for other mineral particles. This material has the advantage that it is easy to maintain and does not need sealing.

Make sure to choose bright, earthy colors to stay in line with your goals and more towards a traditional kitchen look.

Tips to Design Craftsman Kitchen

Before you start planning your new craftsman style kitchen, there are a few things that are worth paying attention to. Here are some tips for getting a simple and warm Craftsman design.

Prioritizing Functionality

Functionality and usability take precedence over appearance, although they are equally important. Plan carefully about the layout of your kitchen components to be efficient. Feel free to add extra equipment if it makes your life easier (like a sink or a second oven). Make sure to choose quality materials that are durable and minimal maintenance.

Simulate When Using the Kitchen

You have to think about when you will actually use your kitchen. Think about whether it is easy to reach the cabinet, lower the dishwasher or access the refrigerator while cooking.

Be Natural

The use of shiny modern materials in large quantities will reduce the overall aesthetic value of the craftsmen. We recommend using natural materials such as natural wood, natural stone, and hardware with natural patina. Greased bronze and malleable iron also work well for a craftsman kitchen.

Old World Charm

When you have vintage tastes, feel free to incorporate vintage or rustic items into your designs. Let them collaborate with your favorite modern items.

Your Desire is the rules

Craftsman’s design philosophy is the uniqueness that embraces a taste for individuality. The premise is about making a kitchen that is right for you. So, if you want something that seems non-traditional, just go for it, it’s entirely your taste.

Are Professional Contractor Services Required?

Male Kitchen Contractor
Image Credit:

Regardless of the reviews and tips we outlined above, creating a Craftsman kitchen is not a simple do-it-yourself project that you can handle alone.

You may be able to plan what theme and kitchen details you want to build or renovate. But the process requires professional skills.

Installation work such as electricity, plumbing, or work on installing countertops is not an easy job.
It is better if you hire a professional contractor. This means you also flow to prepare an estimate of the cost of this service on your budget.

Hiring a Kitchen Designer

Hire a kitchen designer
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If hiring a general contractor doesn’t sound good to you, then hiring a kitchen designer is a great idea. Kitchen designers certainly have in-depth knowledge and skills to create the look of the kitchen you want.

They can help you choose kitchen elements according to your kitchen theme. Because they are master a variety of styles and elements of kitchens. Further, their Skills can help you avoid mistakes that will incur a high cost when remodeling your craftsman style kitchen.

Let’s Bring Your Craftsman Style Kitchen to Life

Maybe you are planning a new kitchen or already have a theme of your choice. Trust that Craftsman designs will be relevant for years to come.

While there are many ways to design a modern artisan kitchen, the key points of an original craftsman style are simple details and a utilitarian feel. So, don’t hesitate to combine contemporary equipment with your vintage equipment collection.

One more thing, usability value is more important than a beautiful kitchen appearance. So if you are sure and you want to design your kitchen, please contact the contractor or designer you trust.

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