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13 Best Solar Lights for Deck Ideas in 2023

Installing solar lights on your deck is a smart investment idea that is environmentally friendly and saves money. Apart from being practical, solar lights are also able to highlight the beauty of your deck at night. Surely it will be a very comfortable place to hang out with friends and family and enjoy the night sky.

And for whatever reason, installing solar-powered lights will always be awesome from many points of view. Here is a collection of ideas for Solar Lights to accentuate the beauty and give light to your deck.

What is Solar Light

Solar lights are also known as a solar lamp or solar lantern is a lighting system that operates by relying on electrical energy from solar. They are made of several components: the lights, solar photovoltaic (PV)panels, battery, electronic charge controller, and sometimes there is an inverter too.

The solar lamp has a lower operating cost because it operates on electricity from a battery. The battery is charged through the electrical energy that the solar panel takes from the sun.

Deck Stair Lights

Stair deck lights
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The lights on the deck stair will illuminate the staircase as it is an area of high foot traffic. Stair lights and Step Lighting Fixtures provide subtle lighting that increases safety from dusk to dawn.

These products are usually available in complete staircase lighting kits or unique staircase lighting designs. You can find the perfect addition to your indoor or outdoor stair lighting design.

Because they are powered by solar energy so you are definitely no need cable installation.

Solar Deck Accent Lights

Solar Deck Accent Lights
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Deck accent lights are perfect for decorating gardens, yards, and walkways. Make you never run out of style because it provides a comfortable atmosphere for Christmas, weddings, and birthday parties.

Furthermore, this solar accent light is easy to install. You can choose to use expansion screws and screws, or purchase double-sided adhesives to attach the product.

Under Bench Lights

Under bench lights idea
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Installing solar lights under benches is a great idea to beautify your deck in warm light conditions. Hidden lights under the bench will be suitable for a small terrace, it will give a charming accent.

What you have to remember is that you have to make sure your lights are kept in the sun during the day. Because after all, even if you can hide it under the bench it still needs sunlight to charge the battery.

Under-Table Lights

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Like a lamp under a bench, lighting under your desk or workspace will highlight what you have. For example, if you have a roasting area or outdoor cooking.

Even if it’s not always on your deck, placing a solar light under the table is a brilliant idea. This will increase the energetic atmosphere in your work area.

Solar Step Lights

Solar step lights
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Installing solar step lights is a good idea if you have a raised deck or outdoor staircase. These solar lights will illuminate your footsteps as you descend the deck stairs at night.

Lights like this will be very useful when you have children in your home. You don’t even want to trip over your toes when climbing or descending your deck steps.


Recessed Deck Lighting

Recessed deck lighting
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If your deck serves as a patio that has a roof or top protection, then providing recessed deck lighting is a great idea. This solar light will work well because its position is protected from the elements that can cause it to malfunction. You also don’t need to clean it often.

In-Floor Deck Lighting

In floor deck lighting
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In-floor lights will accentuate architectural features, pathways, and as a focal point on your deck. This will enhance the dramatic atmosphere that can transform a simple room into a charming and attractive one.

This design is often used to illuminate landscape features because it looks effective at beautifying outdoor spaces.

Under Rail Deck Lights

Under rail deck lights
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Having deck lighting under the rails will help you to create a soft light that will make the deck feel even warmer. Choosing a solar light to be installed under the deck-rail means that you have chosen the most practical option.

Wooden Deck Lights

Wooden deck lights
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This lamp idea depicts a warm country atmosphere. where on top of this deck will be a romantic place with wooden light decoration. The classic style with the wooden tones and the solar lights will be the perfect place to share stories and laughs.

Solar Lanterns

Solar lantern
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If you’re looking for a quick, inexpensive alternative to lighting up your deck space while creating a rustic look, give lanterns a try. You can put a solar lamp into the Lantern, this is very practical. Because lanterns are portable, you can place them where you need them most.

Terrace Solar Lights

Terrace solar deck lights
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When your deck is a terrace, then you will have no lack of solar lighting ideas. Terrace floors and ceilings provide many options for placing your lights.

Like the example above, you can install strip lights along the edges of the ceiling and floor. The light from this strip light will illuminate the entire terrace space. And of course, you will not think about the electricity bill because solar lights do not require electricity from your home.

Under Deck Lighting

under deck lighting
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If your deck is also a balcony, then the under surface of your deck will technically be the ceiling for space below. That is, it is a very ideal place to install solar lights.

Installing solar lights in the area will make the area more functional. In addition, the under-deck lighting will add romance and warmth when the day goes dusk. Some people will choose the type of light with a yellow glow, it looks more romantic and classic.

Chandelier on a Pergola

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If you have a pergola, you can enhance its appearance by installing a solar lamp as a chandelier. You can use string or string to hang it from the rafters of your pergola.

This hanging deck light idea is usually able to accentuate the architectural elements of your pergola. In addition, of course, this idea will add a warm and romantic impression when you are in the pergola.

The Benefit of Choosing Solar Lights for Deck

Solar lights provide users with so many advantages that many people like them more than ordinary lighting. So, here are all the benefits that a solar lighting system has to offer:

Green Alternative

Solar lighting can be said to be the pioneer of a green alternative to lighting, as it does not use electricity at all from the grid. This light working system relies entirely on light or solar energy. It is also one of the world’s leading renewable energy technologies.

Environmentally friendly

The operation of these solar-powered lights is environmentally friendly, it does not produce emissions at all. Apart from having a very clean and of course cheap energy source. The batteries in most solar lighting systems are also completely recyclable.

Low-Cost Installation

The cost of installing solar lights can be very low because there is absolutely no need for wiring. This means that you really don’t need to spend money to buy cables and pay for electrical installation services.

Maintenance Free

Solar lighting systems generally have excellent durability, so they are maintenance-free. Solar panel devices and lighting devices, especially LED fixtures have a life span of more than 20 years. Meanwhile, the battery device needs to be replaced every five to seven years.

Zero Energy Bills

Although the upfront purchase costs are quite expensive, actually solar lights lamps will provide very significant savings. Of course, because the use of solar lights will not cause electricity bills.

That is why people say that solar lamps are very cost-effective. As well as being very good at lighting it can save you hundreds of dollars each month.


Apart from being very cost-effective and reliable lighting, the versatility of solar lamps makes them an attractive choice.

Solar lights are easy to install anywhere (permanent or portable) without the need for cables. Furthermore, he is equipped with a sun sensor that makes it turn on automatically when it gets dark, and turn it off when the sun comes.


Having beautiful and charming deck lighting is everyone’s dream. However, not everyone has a large enough budget to pay for electricity bills.

As technology develops, solar lights come to provide solutions that are very innovative and very practical. This lamp is a form of investment to save costs, it does not require a power supply from your home.

The large variety of solar lights on the market makes you free to choose any idea to install it in your home, including on the deck. Beautiful lighting on the deck will enhance the warm atmosphere and increase safety.

Up to this point, we have reviewed various solar lighting ideas for your deck. We are sure that you will be interested in choosing one of the above ideas to implement it in your home. We wish you success with decorating your deck.

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