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10 Outdoor Fire Pit Seating Ideas for an Impressive Backyard

Having a fire pit seating area is a genius idea. This will make your backyard an impressive entertainment venue.

This fire pit is perfect for being a focal point for a seating area, from a comfortable chair, bench, swing, or sofa. This area will be a warm space for you and your family while enjoying your backyard paradise.

We’re going to share some of the best inspirations, maybe to help you make the fire pit seating of your dreams. Keep reading until the end, some of the ideas that we present are the best that we can summarize from various references.


Fire Pit With Bench Seating

fire pit with bench seating
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Bench-style seating around a circular fire pit offers plenty of opportunities for cuddling in the cold. It has also become the premier outdoor dining trend in recent years.

Outdoor benches with backs or without are a comfortable place to rest or laugh with your friends. Therefore, seating around a circular fire pit is a popular solution for outdoor use.

To match the fire pit, you can choose a curved bench seat to sit around a circular fire pit. If the fire pit is rectangular or square, it is best to have a straight bench for balance.

Fire Pit With Dining Table Sets

fire pit with dining table sets
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An outdoor dinner accompanied by a bonfire in the backyard area is sure to be the dream of all families. Fortunately, an outdoor dining table with an integrated gas fire pit includes all of these things in one.

The warmth and atmosphere of a dinner by the fireplace will be the envy of everyone. Your fireplace tableware is sure to impress everyone when you have dinner with family or friends.

Above we talked about the balance in the square fire pit, you can choose from several seats with an upright backrest. Wrought iron chairs with cushions look great with a square firepit or rectangular firepit.

Fire Pit With Wooden Beam Seating

Fire pit with wood beam seating
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The wooden beam seat is an unusual piece of work. This is a mix of classic and modern art that blends into a fire pit area.

Wood is a raw material that is often used as a base for furniture, including the area where the fire pit is sitting.
There are many types of wood that can be used as a base material for making tables, chairs, and other home equipment.

To get a seat like this you may not need to spend a lot of money. You can do DIY with simple tools in your garage. And of course, you are free to choose the type of wood that you like.

Apart from having artistic value, this seat is extremely sturdy and weather-resistant outdoors. This seems like a pretty interesting idea that fits into a tight budget.

Rustic Fire Pit with Traditional Wicker Chairs

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Combining a rustic fire pit with traditional wicker chairs will bring a mountainous atmosphere to your patio space. It’s also an excellent alternative to enhancing the function of the fire pit area as a place to relax.

The woven armchairs will be very comfortable to sit on while you are enjoying the feel of the campfire. This concept is perfect for building warmth in your family, speaking softly and letting out a little laugh.

Despite the traditional concept, these wicker chairs come in a variety of styles and materials. You can of course choose your taste in the marketplace or furniture store near you.

Hanging Egg Chairs

Fire pit with hanging egg chair
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The egg hanging chair is still a popular solution for indoor and outdoor use. And sure enough, it’s also ideal to use as a fire pit seat.

Apart from giving a modern feel, the egg hanging chair is also very comfortable for simple relaxation. This is a great choice for families, it’s perfect for unwinding.

Large Fire Bowl with Wood Chairs

Rustic fire pit seating
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It’s a slightly unusual concept, where you will place a large fire bowl with wooden chairs around it. This unusual fire pit idea seems to convey a more dramatic rustic feel.

You can’t find this unique and cool wooden chair design you can’t find in a furniture store. This is a work of art, maybe you can imitate the model by doing DIY or hiring a wood artist.

All the components of the fire pit area are placed on top of the gravel floor, adding to the rustic look and artistic value.

Stone Fire Pit With Circular Seating

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Another awesome idea is to line the pit and circular seating area with stones. The fire pits around the chairs give a nice transitional effect to this design.

Large randomly placed boulders can also be used as additional seating. The randomly arranged tiles further add to the visual transition. This design idea is purely a piece designed to make your fire pit area a warm relaxation area.

Fire Pit Tables With Sling Chairs

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When you want a symmetrical concept for fire pit seating, then the square fire pit table is a perfect choice. To complement this perfection, this table will blend harmoniously with the sling chair.

This concept will bring simple comfort, you can use it to socialize with your guests. The use of the sling chair also gives you its own benefits.

You can position them in any way to adjust the level of warmth. If you or your guests don’t like the arrangement or position of their seats, simply move the chair.

Choosing the chair color should match the color of your fire pit table. This will accentuate the fire pit element on your existing table.

Round Fire Pits with Curved Benches

Round fire pit with curved bench
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The seating area design with a circular fire pit will give everyone the opportunity to sit down and talk in person. This atmosphere will certainly add value to the intimacy between your family or friends.

Apart from the above, this circular concept is an efficient way of utilizing space. This of course is very different when compared to a square or rectangular fire pit area.

The absence of a “head of the table” also maintains a balance between all the guests. All have the same sitting position and are not tight.

Therefore, choosing a curved bench as a seat on the fireplace is ideal. Make sure you choose a contrasting color so that it accentuates the fire pit as the center of attention.

Stone Fire Pit With Adirondack Chairs

Stone Fire Pit With Adirondack Chairs
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Adirondack chairs really help you to create a dynamic seat. This chair allows you or your guests to lie down while resting.

The warmth from the fire pit enhances the comfort qualities of this ultra-informal and open space. You are also free to adjust your seating position and increase the number of seats to ensure all the guests you have a seat.

The arrangement of the sitting position does not always have to be circular, you can adjust it parallel to the fire pit or opposite. Any arrangement with this chair will work very well and balance.

Overall, it’s a pretty classic but dynamic idea. You can enjoy the evening with your guests while highlighting the view or panorama.

What You Can Burn In Your Fire Pit

In order not to violate laws regarding yard fires, you must pay attention to what you are going to burn in your fire pit. You may only use clean dry firewood that has been split open to make your firewood. This is the rule used in most countries.

Here are some examples of firewood that are safe to burn:


Oakwood is the easiest firewood found. In addition to generating significant heat, it burns slowly and steadily. This is a favorite for campfire enthusiasts.


Hickory firewood has a denser character than oak. So it is more difficult to split but easily burns and can burn hotter. When used for baking food, Hickory creates authentic flavors. This is Hickory’s most prominent Signature.


Ashwood is a firewood option that is fairly flammable but doesn’t produce as much smoke as other firewood. It’s also one of the favorites of campfire enthusiasts.


Cedar wood is able to produce prime heat with a unique aroma that smells good when it is burned. The slight downside is that it doesn’t produce very large flames.


Having a fire pit area with seating sounded really good. However, there are things that must be considered in determining the design of the fire pit seats.

Safety is an indispensable thing when you are dealing with fire. The selection of fire-resistant seats is very important for these safety reasons.

The choice of design or seating idea really depends on the shape of your fire pit. Besides staying comfortable when you sit on it, it also has to be functional.

You must really know how you intend to use it and position it in the area of the fire pit. Make sure your color selection is appropriate for a subtle and balanced visual translation effect.

The ideas for the fire pit seats that we present above are the result of research from several references. We chose it with a variety of strict considerations.

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