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Apartment Bedroom Ideas – Stunning Apartment Bedroom Concept for 2023

If you are looking for apartment bedroom ideas, it means that you have realized that the bedroom is one that will never lose its importance. Bedroom is your sanctuary, the place you start and end the days, it’s where all the magic happens.

Here, you will find lots of great inspiration to make your bedroom concept more peaceful. So put your focus on the following apartment bedroom ideas to inspire you to make changes in your life.


Dark Theme

dark apartment bedroom ideas

Dark colors are the easiest way to create a comfortable introspective atmosphere. As long as your room has plenty of natural light, you will get a charming dark apartment bedroom with bright accents.

You can cover your walls with dark colored paint or wallpaper. We recommend choosing a deep black or a rich dark blue so the room doesn’t feel cramped or closed.

To be balanced and display a monochromatic effect, you can choose furniture and bedding in similar shades.

Minimalist Apartment Bedroom Ideas

Minimalist apartment bedroom ideas

Minimalist designs are usually suitable for those of you who have a small bedroom or just don’t want to deal with a lot of decorations. Featuring understated décor without sacrificing the neat aesthetic of the room.

For color matters, you can choose neutral colors in a simple and classic color palette. Generally, white dominates with brown, black, or beige accents.

Meanwhile, you can also add a little more personality which can create visual complexity. Adding bright color accents such as sage green or pale orange adds its own charm.

Monochromatic Bedroom Ideas

Monochrome bedroom ideas

The monochromatic color scheme allows your view across a quiet room without distraction. Because it displays only one hue without varying the color saturation.

This design is generally preferred by fans of neutral colors, such as gray and black or beige and brown. This mix of colors is timeless and always eye-catching.

Meanwhile, you can also achieve a lighter color without going overboard. For example, with a dark blue bed, complete the room with light blue curtains and a cobalt rug.

White Apartment Bedroom Concept

White color always shows the impression of being stylish, timeless, and very calming in a room, including a bedroom. An all-white bedroom also conveys luxury, especially if it has a few accents of elegant brass or high-contrast black.

Since it’s not about a minimalist room, you can use decorations in all kinds of textures. This is to maintain the visual appeal of adding to the appeal of the room.

Even if you feel the room lacks dimension, you don’t need to be afraid to add a few color accents. You can apply it through small accents like pillows, rugs, or wall art to increase the space.

Small Space Bedroom Ideas

Small space apartment bedroom ideas

Decorating a small room, especially for a small apartment bedroom, can be a challenge in itself. But you don’t have to worry because we have the trick.

All you have to do is maximize the floor space, making use of the vertical space. You may also have to think outside the box when it comes to furniture.

For storage of goods, you can make storage mounted on the wall. This is to give your things more space without being intrusive.

Or, you can also use a tall bookshelf with lots of space. This type of shelf allows you to store your things up to the wall. To make the space look bigger, hanging a mirror opposite the window seems to work well.

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Wood Rustic Bedroom Ideas

Rustic wood apartment bedroom ideas

Rustic wood decoration is the perfect way to make your bedroom cozy and warm. The most rustic elements you will find are natural wood and reclaimed wood.

The wooden elements in a rustic bedroom serve as both furniture and works of art. Wooden decoration will soften the room and add a touch of nostalgia.

In addition to these two materials, you can use exposed brick to make the room feel solid and grounded. These elements are also able to evoke a rustic character and add to the cozy atmosphere.

Scandinavian Style Bedroom

Scandinavian bedroom ideas

Scandinavian design style is almost similar to minimalist decorating style, it is all about simplicity and clean lines. One difference is that Scandi Decor has a bit of freedom with color.

You can go for whites, bright browns, and maybe a little pale blue or pale gray. This color palette makes a small apartment bedroom feel bigger when filled with bright colors that reflect light around.

Next don’t forget to add natural elements, because this is the main factor in Scandinavian apartment bedroom decorating ideas. Try attaching some greenery to stone or ceramic planters. It will bring life and color into a room in an organic and earthy way.

Contemporary Bedroom Design

Contemporary bedroom design combines the warmth of soft materials with several metal accents in one room. This is a great idea for creating a cheerful and cozy apartment bedroom.

Pairing soft fabrics like wool, silk, and crushed velvet with sleek metal furniture finishes will take your space to the next level. This combination really creates an interesting and welcoming atmosphere.

In terms of color, you shouldn’t be afraid to play around a bit. While contemporary designs typically feature neutral colors, there are still plenty of ways to play with color.

For example with bright beds, colorful carpets, curtains, chairs or other colorful decorations. One thing you need to remember when it comes to contemporary, simplicity is king.

Studio Apartment Bedroom

Studio apartment bedroom

When it comes to a studio bedroom, technically, the entire apartment is your bedroom. Then you are obliged to divide the space so that each part feels different.

You can use room dividers such as rattan folding screens or bookshelves to separate your bed from the living room. It will help you get some relaxation after retreating from the day’s activities.

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