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12 Beautiful Gray Bathroom Ideas for 2023

Gray has been the king of neutrals for nearly a decade, although it’s also often seen as boring for decoration. A beautiful gray bathroom is a testament to the right approach to renewing your love for this classic color.

The perfect blend of black and white is still the most popular neutral color today. Because After all, neutral colors will always go with everything.

One of the benefits is when used as a color theme for your bathroom. It will look beautiful, elegant, or even unique. Sometimes these neutral colors play a role in shaping the background to accentuate accent features.

Through this article, we will help to find gray bathroom ideas that are perfect for you. We’ll help you choose everything to bring your gray bathroom ideas to life.

Contemporary Gray Bathroom with Vanity

contemporary gray bathroom with vanity
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For some people, having a multi-functional main bathroom is important. Apart from being a private place so they can relax and enjoy moments alone. The bathroom is also a place to clean their bodies and makeup themselves.

You may be thinking about owning or just remodeling your bathroom with a few changes. As in the picture above, a contemporary gray bathroom with vanity in it is an interesting idea.

Having a dressing table in the bathroom can certainly make a big difference. In addition to decoration, the dressing table makes activities in the bathroom both practical and functional.

This vanity has many drawers for storage to put things like towels, shavers, and your facial makeup tools. Thankfully, now there are many stylish dressing table products at affordable prices. You are free to choose according to your taste and space.

If you click on a large portion of the image, you will be taken directly to the item so you can find more info on sizes, materials, and prices.

Before buying a vanity for your bathroom, you should find out more about sizes, materials, and prices. And the turpentine, adjust the size of the dressing table to the area of ​​the bathroom so as not to disturb your space in the bathroom.

Gray and White Bathroom


If you get bored easily with your bathroom color décor, try looking for a décor style that’s timeless but slick. Still, confused? We’ll help find your solution, starting with neutral color schemes like whites and grays.

If traced further, actually the colors gray and white are a unity. Because Gray comes from white so gray always goes well with other grays and whites.

As in the picture above, it has shown that the gray and white bathroom ideas work well together and neatly. You can apply this concept by doing DIY using paint or wallpaper.

The combination of white and gray will keep your bathroom bright and can accentuate your decorating elements. And it seems that this theme is timeless or makes you bored quickly because this is a neutral color.

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Gray Tile Bathroom

Gray tile bathroom
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Having a bathroom with a nice and beautiful design is certainly everyone’s dream. Even though we are only in it for a while, if we enter a nice bathroom it must feel comfortable.

One of the things that makes a bathroom look good is the tiles. If we use ceramic with good color, of course the appearance and design of the bathroom will be good too.

The choice of gray as a ceramic color theme has a reason, besides being neutral, gray also supports a contemporary style. This concept is usually applied to floor tiles, walls, and even the ceiling of bathrooms (although rarely).

Before you remodel your bathroom with the ceramic of your choice, make sure you choose a ceramic that is not too slippery. As in the picture above and below, the bathroom with gray tiles looks very elegant and comfortable.

Bathroom with gray floor tile
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Gray Bathroom with Accents Colors

Gray bathroom with accent color
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Since gray is such a neutral color, it will always work well with other colors. You can also add accent colors such as green grass, midnight black, sun yellow or rose pink to your gray bathroom.

You can apply color accents through wall tiles as shown above. Besides that, the addition of decorative elements with accent colors such as dressers will also be perfectly combined with your gray color.

Gray Furnishings

Gray bathroom with Furnishing
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Ideas for beautifying your gray bathroom are not limited to adding color tones to the floor or walls. But you can also add furnishings to add style to your gray bathroom theme.

Of course, the furnishing options to complement your gray bathroom are endless, many of which have gray tones too. Start finding the accessories of your choice, you can hunt in furniture stores or in the marketplace.

Gray Wallpaper

gray bathroom with gray walpaper
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Gray always gives a cheerful impression to any room. But what if you don’t want to apply it with paint? Of course you can choose wallpaper.

Make sure you choose a wallpaper pattern that matches your gray bathroom floor and furniture. So it doesn’t make it a contrast to your bathroom tile or accent color.

Blue and Gray Bathroom Ideas

Image Credit:

Adding an accent color, as we discussed earlier, is an interesting alternative example. However, sometimes we need something that really stands out in order to present a vibrant vibe.

Incorporating striking blues into your gray bathroom is a great choice when looking for strong contrasts.
You can apply it through the colors of the vanity cabinet and mirror frames.

As in the example image above, gray and striking blue is also a very popular color mix. Everything seems to be in harmony and complement each other.

Gray Bathroom Ideas with Natural Wood Accent

Gray bathroom with natural wood accent
Image Credit:

Wood elements can always be relied on to present a more realistic natural atmosphere. Previously, you may find wood only used for furniture in the family room, bedroom, or living room. But actually, you can also add wood accents to make the room look more beautiful.

This natural wood decoration can always be relied on to make the bathroom feel more spa-like in nature. You can apply wood elements through furniture, walls, or dressers for a wooden look.

You don’t have to worry about the humidity in the bathroom will damage the wood. The professionals have a special trick to keep the wooden decoration in the bathroom durable and beautiful.

Sweet Gray Guest Bathroom

Sweet gray guest bathroom
Image Credit:

This is an example of a DIY bathroom makeover with the sweetest results by LiveLoveDIY. Why do we claim that? yes right, because all the elements in this bathroom have a gray color. The use of Benjamin Moore’s Chelsea Gray in this project makes the result very elegant and understated.

The existence of a very functional decorative element, namely a framed mirror, adds a sweet aura to this narrow space. The curtains at the entrance with a touch of gray and white also contribute to the beauty of this room.

The white floor and vanity give it a bright and clean feel. The touch of color through the wall hangings and flowers adds to the cheerfulness and uplifting energy.

Overall, everything in this room is really beautiful. Even though this is an actual small guest bathroom, the sleek design gives a sense of relief upon entering.

One thing you may need to note, the existence of a mirror adds visual appeal to a very minimal room such as a guest bathroom. In addition, mirrors are also a decorative element that is always suitable for personal, it is practical and functional.

Contemporary Gray With Freestanding Tub

Image Credit: Susan Teare on

Many people like a contemporary and minimalist design for the room in their house, including the bathroom. So the gray color theme is the right choice. Gray is a very reliable color when it comes to contrasting elements in your space.

As in the image above, the combination of soft and light gray on the walls and furniture provides a comfortable contrast to the darker tiled colors. Furthermore, if you pay attention to the gray covers of the freestanding tubs, they work well in bright rooms.

Gray Bath with Honeycomb Backsplash

Image Credit:

The last in our series of gorgeous bathroom ideas is a design from Kylie M Interiors. From the picture above, we can see the presence of a honeycomb-shaped marble backsplash tile. This is a very interesting design leap.

All the decor elements in this gray bathroom work harmoniously together. The dark gray vanity cabinet contrasts with the lighter veined quartz countertop, giving the room a lighter color feel.

The square shape that is applied to several features such as sinks, mirrors, and light fixtures gives a firm and sturdy effect. Overall, it’s a very beautiful bathroom with a backsplash that serves as a great focal point.

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