Awesome Hot Tub Enclosures Ideas that Inspiring at 2021

Hot tub enclosures ideas are a luxurious solution many people love to chill out at the end of the day. Because by soaking in hot water you can relax your muscles and relieve stress in just a few minutes.

By having a hot tub enclosure, you no longer have to worry about getting disturbed while soaking. Because without an enclosure you will often be bothered by seasonal weather changes outside or nosy neighbors peeking out your window.

Hot tubs are usually placed on the deck, patio, or on the ground floor. However, the hot tub enclosures allow you to place them in a backyard or other open space.

For that reason, we are here to show you ideas that inspire you to turn your bathtub into an amazing private oasis.

The Benefits of Owning a Hot Tub at Home

Hot tub enclosures
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If you don’t have a hot tub at home, you might be wondering why you should have one? Although you can go to the spa every time you want to take a bath, there are benefits to having your own hot tub at home.

The first reason is of course the health benefits you get when you soak in hot water. Everyone agrees that soaking in a hot tub is great for stress relief, arthritis therapy, and muscle relaxation. Furthermore, they also aid in weight loss, helping people suffering from high blood pressure and insomnia.

The second reason is that installing a hot tub in your home is cheaper than going to a spa. If you think this statement is wrong, then let’s think a little further.

The health benefits of a hot shower make it a necessity for medication or therapy for some. So you can imagine the costs you have to spend if you want to enjoy these benefits every time you have to go to the spa.

Meanwhile installing a hot tub in your home is a one-time investment that you can put to use over the years. And the cost of installing a hot tub is generally less than if you had to come to the spa in just a few months.

The Advantages of Installing a Hot Tub Enclosure

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Above we discussed the advantages of having a hot tub at home, then what are the advantages of installing a cover on your hot tub? This is what we can summarize.

Got a Privacy

In this day and age privacy is something that requires extra attention so many people invest in it. Like setting a password to secure the privacy of your cellphone and computer or building a fence around your house.

Installing a hot tub cover will protect your privacy from prying eyes at all times when outdoors. You definitely don’t want someone intruding on your privacy when you are doing something as innocent as soaking in a hot tub.

Protection for Your Hot TubĀ 

The slightest damage will affect the functioning of your hot tub and make it less likely to last. Though you’ve already invested several thousand dollars in your hot tub, and of course, you want it to last as long as it can.

Outdoor weather can make your hot tub age faster than expected. Hence you need to have an enclosure attached over it to protect it.

Protect Yourself from the Elements

Changes in weather can make you uncomfortable when soaking in hot water. So you may not get the full benefit of your hot tub.

Having enclosures over the hot tub will protect you from changing weather all year round. This hot tub enclosure will protect you from sunshine, wind, rain, and snow so you can relax whenever you like.

Increase Your Property Value

Having hot tub enclosures will increase the value of your property. So when you want to sell your property, the existence of a hot tub pushes the sale value even higher. All you have to make sure of is that the hot tub enclosure design should enhance the appearance of your home.

Challenge Your Creativity

Building a hot tub enclosure will challenge your creativity. Your enclosure can be anything you want, more than just a cover for your bath.

As long as you consider aesthetics and functionality, you can make the enclosure any place you want. For example, make it a minibar, small dining room, or whatever your preference is.

Hot Tub Enclosure Ideas

Actually, the design of the hot tub enclosures really depends on your preferences and creativity. So what if you are still confused about what you have been looking for? Let’s take a look at some hot tub enclosures ideas that might inspire you.

Hot Tub Enclosure with Sliding Doors

Hot Tub Enclosures with sliding door
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This hot tub enclosure design offers ample space and features clear glass walls with sliding doors. You can soak while enjoying the stunning surrounding scenery without worrying about bad weather.

This is an elegant design that will look awesome on any patio, deck, or garden. The large enclosure area leaves you free to arrange seating for your friends who may wish to sit outside the hot tub.

Furthermore, the sliding door that can be closed feature can help you to better store heat in your hot tub.

Circular Dome Shaped Hot Tub Enclosure

Dome shaped hot tub enclosures
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This enclosure design is very unique with a circular dome-shaped enclosure made of glass walls. It is perfect for enjoying fantastic outdoor views in all types of weather. Another advantage is that you can soak casually at night while looking at the stars. Very amazing isn’t it.

Gazebo Spa Enclosure with Cedar Shingle Roof

Gazebo spa enclosure
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This spa gazebo enclosure design is intended for medium to large sized hot tubs. The tight wooden walls offer complete privacy and protection from the elements.

The sloping roof design of the gazebo serves to withstand weather elements such as snow and rain. You can still enjoy the surrounding view through the window provided.

Hot Tub Solarium

Hot tub solarium
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A hot tub solarium is an enclosure design built from a pre-designed kit. It allows you to sunbathe and enjoy the environment while soaking in hot water.

You can modify this Solarium according to your needs, for example adding lamps or hooks to hang towels. This solarium enclosure is designed to work in all types of weather conditions.

Simple Pergola Enclosure

Simple pergola enclosure
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The presence of Pergolas always provides an aesthetic addition to any backyard. One way to do this is by presenting it as a hot tub enclosure. It’s a really good and simple idea to get some privacy while keeping the elements and debris away.

Contemporary Hot Tub Enclosure

Contemporary hot tub enclosure
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This hot tub cover design offers a contemporary atmosphere with its various features. It has a raised platform for the hot tub and plenty of room for seating.

Protection from the elements is present through the privacy screen on both sides of the enkolsur. You can also open the curtains when you want to create a private space with the best view when soaking in a hot tub.

Hawaii Garden Hot Tub Enclosure

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This hot tub enclosure design brings an exotic Hawaiian island atmosphere to your home. Everyone wants to end a long day on an exotic island, right? You can decorate it as you like so that it becomes the most comfortable bathing place.

Retractable Spa Enclosure

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This hot tub cover design is ideal and elegant to add to the appearance of your property. This idea is perfect for decks and patios that have lots of space, as it has sliding rails that can be extended as needed.

Hot Tub Enclosure with Seating Area

Hot Tub Enclosures with seating area
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Design This hot tub enclosure features ample sitting space and easy access to the hot tub. You can enjoy the warmth of hot water under an enclosed roof while interacting with your friends.

Over Deck Hot Tub Enclosure

Over deck hot tub enclosure
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Hot tub design is suitable for those of you who have a lot of space outside the home. You can build a gazebo attached to a deck with a hot tub in it. You can enclose this gazebo with the material of your choice to provide privacy and protection from the elements.

Spa Enclosure with Bar Space

spa enclosure with bar
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This awesome design combines the privacy of a hot tub and a drink bar for visiting friends or guests. This beautiful spa enclosure is ideal for the outdoors with ample space.

Friendly Wooden Hot Tub Enclosure

Friendly wooden hot tub enclosure
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This hot tub design has an enclosure that opens from two sides, giving it a spacious impression. It also has recessed light fixtures that provide a comfortable feel to the hot tub.

The enclosure is also closed from above providing a sense of privacy and keep you comfortable to soaking even when it’s raining or snowing outside. The gaps in the wooden planks make it look classy as well as give you a chance to see the outside that you can enjoy while soaking in.

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