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Easy DIY Firewood Storage & Racks Ideas for 2023

To get through the winter especially throughout the year, you certainly need to save enough firewood. Therefore, we will invite you to talk about firewood storage ideas and shelves that you can easily DIY for indoors and outdoors.

With a firewood storage design that allows DIY making it will save space and money. Apart from being functional and practical, good firewood storage should be able to create the comfort of your home.

Here are the best firewood storage ideas and shelves for outdoor and indoors.

Indoor Firewood Storage Ideas

For those who have a fireplace to warm the room in the house, of course, they need to have a supply of firewood in the house. This means that you need indoor firewood storage so that your wood is neatly organized and remains dry.

DIY Firewood Storage Bench

Indoor firewood bench storage
Image Credit:

A farmhouse-style bench that has multiple functions is a great idea. Apart from being a place to sit when entering the house, you can also put the wood under it. Firewood neatly stacked under a small bench offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

DIY Indoor Log Tower

Indoor log tower
Image Credit:

The image above is an example of a quick and inexpensive DIY wood storage design in a room. You can make this firewood tower from ordinary wood, some utensils, and paint.

The simple tower design leaves you free to store firewood outdoors or indoors. Apart from being practical and easy to make, this wooden tower model is of course cost-effective to manufacture. But if you have more budget, you can use metal material as the frame of the tower.

Compact Firewood Storage Rack

Compact firewood storage rack
Image Credit:

This is another low-budget indoor firewood storage that lets you DIY. This firewood rack has a compact design that is relatively easy to build with curved arms.

A design like this seems to be a classic design that is often used in medieval times. So that this firewood storage will give you a classic modern feel in your home.

Wall Mounted Firewood Rack

Wall mounted indoor firewood storage
Image Credit:

This is a very simple firewood storage solution, why? the answer is as simple as it looks Minimalist iron frame with black paint attached to the wall of the room so you can put your pieces of wood in between.

So simple yet sturdy and elegant, this flair wood storage design looks like it’s a good fit for a small space.

Plumbing Pipe Log Holder

Plumbing pipe log holder
Image Credit:

Another idea for making indoor firewood racks this time is to use plumbing pipes. Adding wheels to this firewood cart will make it portable and easy to clean.

The manufacturing process is also relatively quick and easy, sometimes loading the firewood on it takes longer than making it.

Combination Wood Rack and Kindling Storage

Combination Firewood Rack and Kindling Storage
Image Credit:

Another alternative idea for indoor firewood storage is to make a combination rack. As the picture above shows, this compact firewood rack is also equipped with two boxes or drawers that can accommodate small firewood. underneath there is space large enough to place a larger piece of firewood.

Actually, this shelf can functionally not only store firewood, but whatever equipment you want to store. The assembling process is relatively straightforward, there are plenty of comprehensive instructions that can give you a good reference for what you need to do.

Stainless Finished Wood Stand

Stainless pipe firewood stand
Image Credit:

To keep wood in the room requires storage that has a good appearance so that it is comfortable to look at. The stainless stand shelf is an example of firewood storage with an attractive appearance.

To make it doesn’t take a long time, but you need tools such as a saw or something to cut pipes. You should choose stainless material because in addition to being rust-resistant, it also doesn’t require painting, so it’s cost-effective.

Gas Pipe Firewood Holder

Gas pipe firewood holder
Image Credit:

Almost similar to the stainless stand rack above, this time our idea is to make it with used gas pipe materials. This is a quiet alternative. Ideal for indoor firewood storage.

In simple terms, it can be explained that this firewood stand uses black steel pipes (used or new) and a simple wooden base. Actually, this is a simple DIY project but there are a few steps that need attention.

Indoor Firewood Box

Interior firewood rack
Image Credit:

If you look from a distance, this firewood storage box will look like a piece of room furniture or accessories. This is because the design of this firewood box adapts the style of the sliding door console that is often used in rustic furniture.

As shown in the picture above, this root wooden box can be used to fill the gap in the room. There are no specific instructions while you will be working on this project. It’s just that you need to pay attention to the drying time, as this project will have multiple coats of paint and color.

Concrete Log Holder

Concrete firewood holder
Image Credit:

This is a great last resort for indoor firewood storage to consider. This DIY job takes courage as you will be working with concrete. For experienced DIY workers it might not be a problem, but for beginners, this will require a little patience.

This project does take a lot of time, especially when waiting for the concrete to dry. Overall it is not a small task, but not too complicated and inexpensive. So don’t be afraid to try it.

Outdoor Firewood Storage Ideas

You will often need to have firewood stored outdoors. The reason, of course, is that you also have a fire pit and BBQ outside your room.

Some outdoor firewood storage may also require a roof to keep your wood dry from the rain. This is of course different from indoor storage. But that’s not all we find in practice, often you can create your own project. We’ve put together a number of firewood rack ideas you can make in a day. Let’s watch to the end.

Simple No Tool Backyard Firewood Rack

Simple backyard firewood rack
Image Credit:

If you don’t have access to the grid or happen to have no access to any equipment, then this simple DIY firewood rack is your lifesaver. As you can see in the image above,¬† to build this simple stand does not require any woodworking tools.

This is one example of a very simple but effective firewood rack idea that holds a large amount of firewood. Since it’s outdoors, you can add a roof which only takes a few extra minutes.

Outdoor Aluminum Firewood Rack

Outdoor aluminum firewood rack
Image Credit:

This firewood rack idea uses an aluminum mold as the frame. Aluminum is a metal material that is light but strong, besides that it is also resistant to rust.

Actually this is not a difficult DIY project, but you will need to set up an angle grinder or cutting saw with a metal cutting knife to do this project properly.

You don’t have to have all of them, you only need to have one of them. Then you can finish this aluminum firewood rack project in just a few hours.

After you finish the frame, don’t forget to coat it with paint. You can choose any color you want.

Outdoor Wood Racked

Image Credit:

There isn’t much to describe from this simple wooden rack. The image above has shown this is a great recommendation for beginners.

Apart from protecting your firewood, this wooden shelf also has other functions. The top of this shelf is a metal grate that you can use as a table or patio bench.

Backyard Firewood Shed

Backyard Firewood Shed
Image Credit:

This mini shed design from My Outdoors Plans is the perfect solution for those who do frequent outdoor fiery activities. Your wood will be neatly arranged and kept dry because this backyard shed has a good roof.

A-Frame Firewood Storage

Image Credit:

If you’re looking for a firewood storage design that doesn’t get boring, this A-frame concept might be ideal. No special tools are used to complete this DIY project. Experienced DIYers can definitely plan what they are going to do by looking at the picture above.

Modern Farmhouse Style Firewood Rack

Image Credit:

This is an example of a metal firewood organizer. This unique and beautiful design you may not have thought of before. Iron material is actually not easy for DIY projects, but we can find something to repurpose and finish your project.

Modern Geometric Firewood Storage Shelf

Modern Geometric Firewood Storage shelf
Image Credit:

This time it is an example of a wood control firewood. This excellent design is sure to make you want to create one. However, as we can see in the picture, this design has a corner cut on each edge. If you are inexperienced then you should look at a lot of reference making.

Repurposed Metal Log Holder

Image Credit:

If you feel this is similar to a galvanized water tank or roof sheet then you can already guess the material used. This reusable material is so easy to turn into a wooden stand or firewood storage.

The advantage of this design is that you don’t have to think about making a roof. The material used has dual functionality as a stand and as a roof as well.

DIY Firewood Rack with Roof

Firewood Storage Rack with roof
Image Credit:

The design of the firewood rack with a shingle roof is very charming. This firewood rack has large and small spaces that allow you to keep everything separate and accessible.

This design looks simple but making it a DIY job is not an easy thing. If you are a beginner, you should ask an experienced DIYer for help.

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