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15 Modern Large Kitchen Designs and Ideas for 2023

Having a large kitchen and a large dining room is certainly necessary when you are part of a larger family. But maybe you don’t know where to start designing your kitchen.

Planning a large kitchen space is often more complicated than planning a small kitchen. But if you are ready to do it, we are ready to help make your wish come true.

Large Kitchen Layout

In designing a large kitchen there is a series of processes that you have to go through. One of the most important of all is to choose a layout for your large kitchen.

The choice of layout will determine the placement of your kitchen elements such as sinks, cabinets, countertops, windows and doors, and kitchen furniture. This means that the layout will also determine how to do activities in your kitchen such as preparing food, eating, and socializing with your family.

Here is a layout that is best suited for large kitchens to accommodate large groups of family or friends.

U-Shape and Island Layout 

U shaped layout

Choosing a U-shaped layout and adding islands will be able to increase the interactivity of your kitchen and make it more multifunctional.

This layout allows you to use it as a preparation area, cooking surface, and dining area as well. Further, the full U shape at the back makes more storage space available.

G-Shaped Layout 

G shape large kitchen layout
Image Credit:

The G-shaped kitchen layout is actually an alternative version of the U-shaped layout. Because if in the U-shape there is an island in the center of the room, while in this G-shaped layout the islands are combined in one continuous stretch of counter space.

You can also practically use the island attached to it as a minibar or dining table.

L-Shape and Island Layout

L shape large kitchen layout
Image Credit:

For those of you who want to move freely and have more flexibility when cooking, choosing an L-shaped layout with an island is perfect for you. This layout is the most ‘open’ of all, allowing you to include more than one cook in the kitchen, without feeling claustrophobic.

Large Kitchen Ideas

Below is a collection of photos of large kitchen designs that we have compiled for you. Contemporary to modern large kitchen designs that offer many attractive features can captivate you in creating a spacious kitchen space.

Fairfax Station Kitchen


This luxurious and spacious kitchen is specially designed for homeowners who are a chef. Therefore it has high functionality with a U-shaped layout with islands.

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As you can see in the picture, there is an open metal cabinet for easy access to the tools. And there is also a range of professional cookware to help homeowners tackle any cooking project.

Large Country Style

Large country kitchen
Image Credit:

This country-style kitchen with an L-shaped layout has ample space. The combination of high ceilings with single beams and hardwood floors gives a luxurious impression.

The central island in the form of a marble table provides excellent functionality. You can make it as a dining room or receive your guests like friends or relatives to just chat to accompany you to cook.

Kenilworth Residence

Kenilworth Residence Kitchen

This kitchen has an L-shaped layout with a center island large enough to have plenty of cupboard space underneath.
The central island of a large table is complemented by a nice lower type seating, perfect for keeping your feet on the ground at breakfast. The choice of natural wood colors on the cabinets and floors adds a spacious atmosphere to this modern kitchen.

Long Rectangular

Long rectangular kitchen
Image Credit:

This rectangular kitchen with a U-shaped layout has a narrow two-tiered island in the center. This design can inspire you when you have a narrow room but want a large kitchen.

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The rectangular design is a breakthrough for getting enough wiggle room when you cook and prepare meals.

Los Angeles Contemporary Kitchen


This contemporary kitchen design features an L-shaped layout with a large island in the center. The large island allows you to have a cabinet underneath to store equipment you don’t use often.

The touch given by the designer to this kitchen is quite simple, ranging from the selection of colors and textures. So that overall it has a simple design but looks modern and spacious.

Lawrence Park

Image Credit:

Everything you can see in the image above shows amazing workmanship. Everything looks neat and beautiful, the cabinets, big Tenga Island, and big windows look impressive because of the amazing lighting.

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The large windows provide ample lighting when you cook during the day without having to turn on the lights. The choice of white with gray accents makes everything look neutral.

Saddle Springs

Saddle Springs kitchen
Image Credit:

You’ll love this U-shaped kitchen plan of the Saddle Springs home. The design and placement of a great entrance to the kitchen make you feel like this kitchen really surrounds you.

The choice of moss green color gives a classic and natural impression, making this design not boring for a long time. Large windows provide adequate lighting and provide views of the outside, allowing you to cook while watching the children playing outside.

Saratoga Creek House

Saratoga creek house Kitchen
Image Credit:

There is one thing that looks unusual in this design, namely the sky ceiling. If you look up at the ceiling it might confuse you a little, the fact is it is suspended bronze panels.

The combination of wood, ceramic, and metal elements is very harmonious, making this L-layout kitchen very charming. The large center island with a pair of seats makes it even more functional.

Toronto Kitchen

Toronto Kitchen
Image Credit:

The combination of white walls and black cabinets is very neutral and charming. Everything is neat and clean, the designer combines this kitchen with an atrium which you can use as a panoramic dining room.

The ideas created by this designer are indeed very impressive. Hardwood floors give a warm and natural feel when you cook in winter.

Tucson Residence Kitchen

Image Credit:

The word for the location of the Tucson residence is a little different, it is L-shaped with an entrance gap between them. But it has one plus that made us love it, it has lots of storage cabinets which will definitely help a lot.

This modern and spacious design makes you feel comfortable in it, preparing food or just relaxing while eating.

White and Luxury

Image Credit:

The choice of all-white colors and a U-shaped layout makes this kitchen look very luxurious. Modern classic style is most visible in the marble floors and chandelier lighting.

The all-white color of the cabinets and walls feature a dark wood island as a focal point. But actually, this is a common combination used in general designs.

All Wood Kitchen

All wood kitchen
Image Credit:

The concept chosen by the designer was to combine natural wood elements with white islands. All the wood elements present here give a strong and firm impression.

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The natural brown cabinets contrast well with the island and the white ceiling. The addition of pendant lighting adds to the warm and vibrant atmosphere when you feel in this room.

Traditional Design

Image Credit:

This traditional design really features wooden elements throughout such as the cabinets, island table, and seating. This U-shaped layout features a wooden table island that also doubles as a breakfast bar.

Rustic wood cabinets and large island tables are perfect for filling this enormous space. Everything looks harmonious when the chandelier is also present as a lighting device.

Open Living Space

Open living space kitchen
Image Credit:

Have you ever imagined having a kitchen that is integrated into the living room? if not then take a look at this interior design. The large, luxurious kitchen is in the open living area with raised ceilings.

This idea is completely different from most concepts. The addition of a large semicircular island with a breakfast bar adds to the functionality tremendously. The use of marble stone elements in several parts like countertop and floor and beautiful chandeliers adds to the romantic nuance.

Large Center Island

Large center island kitchen
Image Credit:

This modern L-shaped design features gray hardwood floors and dark hardwood cabinets and countertop. One thing that really stands out is the large central island, providing space for a charming chandelier-lit breakfast bar.

Asian Style

Image Credit:

This Asian-style design is exquisite with lots of wood elements throughout. Starting from the floor, cabinet to the cupboard. Everything looks stylish, the central island is no exception.


Having a large outdoor area is certainly a dream for everyone. But often you get confused about designing your kitchen when you have a large enough room.

Before talking further about design, of course, you have to understand the kitchen layout. In general, there are three types of kitchen layouts that are commonly applied by designers.

However, the U-shaped, G-shaped, and L-shaped layouts all have their respective advantages. You can grant your wish to create a large kitchen with some of the design examples above. You can make the photos as a reference, for the final result, it all depends on your preference.

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