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Fall Landscape Ideas to Bring Beautiful Season at Home

Having a fall landscape in your yard is a great idea to take advantage of one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. Autumn brings cooler weather which brings everyone into a feeling of comfort and excitement.

If you want to design a landscape to make your home and yard stand out, there are a few landscaping ideas that will help you achieve just that. So keep reading until the end to create the perfect fall mood for your yard.

How to Start Creating a Fall Landscape

Tree Scene Landscape
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Fall is the best time to work with your garden. Because there are several things that are beneficial when autumn comes.

Firstly, the soil has become warmer because it is not constantly flooded with spring rains, making it easier to dig up. Secondly, the weather is more predictable and the temperature is a little bit more comfortable outside even though it feels cooler.

Apart from these two things, another thing that is interesting when autumn arrives is the price of plants that tend to be cheaper in garden centers. This is because they are not covered in pretty flowers like it is when it is spring.

Then how do you go about making the best fall landscapes? This is how the experts explain how to get started with their fall landscaping ideas:

Creating Compost Layer

One might think that during the fall they should sweep and collect fallen leaves. But the fact is that fallen leaves can actually help improve soil quality. If left unchecked, it will accumulate into a natural compost layer over time.

Try a Fall Container Plants

Growing plants in pots or other containers will make it easier for you to move them wherever you like. Apart from being able to beautify your yard or patio in the fall, it can also be moved indoors to be enjoyed all year round.

Then what plants are suitable for potted plants? Experts agree that Succulent is a great choice for a fall container. You can pair sturdy succulents like Echeveria with pansies and violins.

Cool-Season Vegetables

If you want to create a lively autumn garden look, consider growing winter vegetables. You can start with cabbage, rainbows, and kales with ornamental grass to be planted in special spaces in the garden.

In addition to beautifying the scenery, later you can also harvest mouth-watering vegetables in your own garden.

Plant Lots of Trees and Shrubs

Autumn is a wonderful time and a great time to plant deciduous ornamental trees and shrubs. But beforehand, you need to know the types of plants that thrive in cold weather conditions in autumn.

If you want a fall landscape with a great view, then Japanese maple trees like Sargent crabapples and weeping cherries will do an excellent job. But if you want broad-leaved green foliage, then hardy boxwood, Delaware Valley White Azalea, and Mt. Andromeda Fire is an option worth considering.

Take Advantage of Your Borders Space

You actually have the opportunity to make use of your landscape border space, which is part of the space between your yard and garden.

You can add visuals to the border space by adding unique plants. Examples include Callicarpa (beautyberry), which adds a burst of bright purple, or allium and Rudbeckia, which add texture and interest.

Don’t Forget to Plant Fruit

Fruit plants will bring extra visual appeal to any garden, your fall garden is no exception. Shrubs like bayberry, Scarlet firethorn, elderberry, chokeberry, and winterberry have beautiful colored fruit that will decorate your landscape.

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Fall Landscape Ideas

Here is a collection of fall landscape ideas that you might need as a reference. We hope that after you’ve seen this collection of the fall landscape photos, you can start making your own in your yard.

Zen Garden Landscape

Image Credit:

Japanese maple trees are the perfect example of stunning natural foliage landscaping. Several other types of trees will also naturally change color according to the season.

If you want to have a landscape with trees or plants that can do this, then you can head to a garden center for a consultation. What you need to pay attention to, you have to look for the types of plants that will thrive in your area.

Gorgeous Foliage Landscape

Image Credit:

As the photo above shows, you are very lucky if you already have a tree that experiences color changes in its foliage at the change of seasons. Because it is part of the amazing natural wonders of autumn.

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Having this tree means you already get some of the work done, you just need to add a few extra elements if you really want to. For example, place two patio pumpkins for a little attention.

Pumpkins and Potted Plants

Simple fall landscape idea from potted plants and pumpkins
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To design a fall landscape, you can be as creative as you want and work with what you get. Even simple ideas like combining potted plants and pumpkins seem to work really well.

Pumpkins Porch

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Placing a pumpkin or two strategically on the porch of the house will catch the attention of passersby. There’s no need to go overboard in placing these orange balls, especially when trying to decorate a beautiful mansion like the one in the photo above.

Natural Colors Scheme

Natural Colors of Foliage in the fall
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Natural color schemes are nature’s finest fall landscapes. Trees with brilliant foliage, a house with deep red bricks and hanging pink vines. Nature has really done all of its work for us in a very perfect way.

Harvest Festival

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This cute landscape will make a great background image for a fall festival or your own home landscape. This golden fence and rustic wreath would make the perfect setting for some outdoor photos.

Pumpkins Galore

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Pumpkin is a very reliable element when it comes to decorating autumn. You can use a plastic pumpkin foam to ensure it lasts all season. They really do present an adorable and traditional sight.

Natural Garden for Fall Landscape

natural garden for fall landscape
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Autumn landscaping isn’t always about trees with colored foliage or pumpkins. You can take a more natural approach with your well-groomed garden.

Because the principle is that the more natural the better the results. So your natural garden also has the potential to be the best landscape this fall.

Rock Garden for Fall Landscape

rock garden for fall landscape
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Whatever theme you try to follow for your landscaping, a rock garden with water features will always be great additions. As a fall landscape, it will be a natural element that does its job without having to add a lot of elements.

Autumn Patio

autumn patio landscape
Image Credit:

A patio that looks clean, tidy, and organized will be an elegant and natural fall landscape idea. While this patio doesn’t have trees and pumpkins, it does have native plants that do a lot for you.

Natural Front Lawn

Image Credit:

One fall landscaping idea that works well is to match the plants with the colors of your home. If your house is painted in bright colors like green, you can coordinate your foliage proportionally. All the great colors and bright foliage can be a lovely way to match the season.

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Traditional Fall Porch

Image Credit:

Decorating your front porch is an unmistakable way to exude an adorable autumn vibe. Designing a porch in such a way with a haystack and pumpkin gourds would work great for a photo backdrop.

Fall Flowers Landscape

fall flowers landscape
Image Credit:

If you don’t have the time or money to decorate a fall landscape, then planting colorful flowers is a brilliant idea. As well as being fantastic and lightening the wallet, these flower plants will look great all year round. Though you’ll know they’ll look a lot better when it’s in the fall.

Tree Scenes

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The large tree on your property that changes color in the fall, will become a focal point of your landscape. All you have to do next is add a mini garden just below it. Choose plants that do well in shady areas and make sure the plants or flowers you choose have fall colors such as orange, yellow or brown.

Backyard Fall Landscape

backyard fall landscape
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If you have a backyard patio with stairs, then you only need to add a few attributes to make it a beautiful autumn landscape. Try to sprinkle two pumpkins on the right and left of the stairs, and your backyard becomes pretty and lovely all by itself.

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Fall Garden Gate

fall garden gate landscape
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Adding color-changing vines to a landscape can definitely jazz up any season, especially fall. An example is inserting a growing vine into a garden gate view. It’s a simple idea but works really well and elegantly with what you already have.

Leaf Canopy for Fall Landscape

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Same as the landscape concept of the Tama gate above, but this time we implement a canopy or gazebo. Covering this canopy with these vibrant, color-changing vines looks great as your fall landscape.

Fall Plants

Image Credit:

The image above shows an amazing view of plants that are specially planted in autumn. If you want to have a similar fall garden, then it’s best to consult with a local nursery to help get what you need.

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