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Best Hot Springs In Wyoming We Recommend to Visit

Are you looking for a place to soak while visiting the state of Wyoming? We have a list of the best hot springs in Wyoming.

When visiting Wyoming you have many opportunities to discover hot springs. Of course, you also have plenty of bathing options across the state.

While the choices aren’t as large as neighboring states like Montana, Colorado and Idaho, you won’t be disappointed with what Wyoming has to offer. We’ve compiled a list below with the 11 best hot springs to visit in Wyoming.

This list includes natural hot springs and hot spring resorts. We will display information that can help you choose and book your dream bath.


About Wyoming

Wyoming is a state in the United States with a subtropical climate. This state is located in Central America with its capital city is Cheyenne.

The Native Americans were the first to inhabit Wyoming and established their seat of government at Fort Rottendam in 1862. However, the seat of government was eventually transferred to Cheyenee in 1890.

The area is 253,348 km² with a population of 532,668 people based on a survey in 2008. Which means this state has a population density of 2.08 people/km².

Wyoming is bordered by the states of South Dakota and Nebraska to the east. It is bordered on the south by Colorado, on the west by Idaho and on the north by Montana.

Wyoming’s main sources of income are mining and agriculture, which produce very abundant yields. Geographically the country is surrounded by subtropical forests and mountains.

Best Hot Springs in Wyoming

The following is a list of 12 hot springs in the state of Wyoming. Some of them are natural hot springs and some are under resort management.

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Saratoga Hobo

Best Hot Springs in Wyoming - Saratoga Hobo Hot Springs

Saratoga Hobo Hot Springs is a natural rustic hot spring a favorite choice among locals and visitors alike. It is located in the city of Saratoga, between the Snowy Range and Sierra Madre Mountain Range and on the Upper North Platte River.

Hobo Hot Springs is owned and operated by the City of Saratoga. The bathhouse is free to the public, and is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week all year round.

Hobo Hot Springs offers 2 outdoor mineral water swimming pools without any chemicals. The mineral springs that fill the swimming pool offer temperatures ranging from 106° F to 119° F.

This favorite bathhouse in Wyoming also has hot shower facilities, washrooms and lockers for your valuables. Everything is free but your donation will be very valuable.

The pool is for all ages so bathing suits are required. You are not allowed to bring alcohol and dogs must be on a leash at all times.

Address: 300 E Walnut Ave, Saratoga, WY 82331, United States
Open Hours: Open 24 hours
Phone: +1 307-326-8335

Astoria Hot Springs Park

Best Hot Springs in Wyoming - Astoria Hot Springs and Park

Astoria Hot Springs Park is a natural hot spring park under the management of the Astoria Park Conservancy Trust. The non-profit organization has a mission to connect communities through inspiring experiences in nature to improve livability, health and well-being.

The hot springs are located along the Snake River in the Wyoming Bridger-Teton National Forest. There are five unique mineral hot springs and the organization has taken great care of all of them.

Some of these pools have the names The Leisure Pool, The Children’s Pool, The Meadow Pool, and River Soaking Pools. The mineral water in the swimming pool has varying temperatures and the water is not treated.

Astoria Hot Springs and Gardens are open daily but we recommend making a reservation before visiting. Because the sessions are often sold out and closings are minimum on holidays.

A day’s admission to the park costs about $18 for adults and $14 for children, which includes a snack stand and picnic area.

Address: 25 W Johnny Counts Rd, Jackson, WY 83001, United States
Open Hours: Open daily 09.00–20.00
Phone: +1 307-201-5925

Boiling River

Best Hot Springs in Wyoming - Boiling River Hot Springs

The Boiling River hot spring is a hydrothermal natural phenomenon that is a natural hot spring in Yellowstone National Park. The location of this hot spring is very unique, at the intersection of cold river water and hot springs.

This phenomenon occurs when a large hot spring flows into the Gardner River. Therefore hot water and cold water mix to create a temperature that is comfortable enough for a bath.

This unique hot spring location within Yellowstone Park, to get to the hot springs you need to hike more than 1 mile round trip. The hike begins in the Mammoth Hot Springs area at the north entrance of Yellowstone National Park.

As you sit by the river, you can feel the warm waters of the Mammoth Hot Springs mixed with the cold waters of the Gardner River. This is a very unique and fun bathing experience for tourists.

Address: N Entrance Rd, Gardiner, MT 59030​

Saratoga Hot Springs Resort

Best Hot Springs in Wyoming - Saratoga Hot Springs Resort

Saratoga Hot Springs Resort is located between the Snowy Range and Sierra Madre Mountain Ranges, Saratoga, Wyoming. This hot spring resort offers an eye-pleasing view on the banks of the Upper North Platte River.

The resort offers a large historic 70-foot hot tub and 4 hot tubs. Various Native American tribes, including the Cheyenne, Ute and Arapaho named the region a “place of magic water” because of its healing qualities.

Temperatures in the large hot tubs stabilize between 82 and 90 degrees, and the tubs around 100 and 110 degrees. The waters here are not treated with any chemicals so they are still completely natural.

However, the Saratoga is only open to in-house guests, Members, and Spa visitors only. So there is no daily use and the public cannot use the hot springs during the day.

This resort has mainstay facilities in the form of Healing Waters Spa, Snowy Mountain Pub and Biergarten, Snowy Mountain Brewery, and Saratoga Public golf course. Currently, Saratoga Hot Springs is a destination for tourists from all over to enjoy the atmosphere and health of hot springs in Wyoming.

Planning to stay at Saratoga Hot Springs Resort while on vacation in Wyoming? You can book a room directly from here.

Address: 601 Pic Pike Rd, Saratoga, WY 82331, United States
Opening Hours: Open daily 06.00–000.00
Phone: +1 307-326-5261

Granite Hot Springs Pool

Best Hot Springs in Wyoming - Granite Hot Springs

The Granite Hot Springs pool is a large outdoor concrete hot spring pool with great views. It is located at the end of Granite Creek Road, south of Jackson, Wyoming from Highway 189.

You’ll find the hot springs along Granite Creek in Bridger-Teton National Forest. It is tucked away among large pine, spruce, and pine forests and is managed by the forest service.

The water temperature varies from about 94 degrees in summer to 112 in winter. This pool can only accommodate a maximum of 80 people at a time.

Then, amenities include showers, on-site changing rooms, picnic tables, and several information kiosks. And there is no cellular service available here so you will not be connected to the outside world.

Camping grounds are available and please respect the no-alcohol rules to protect public safety.

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Polecat Hot Springs

Polecat Hot Springs Wyoming

Polecat Hot Springs is a small collection of natural hot springs along the Polecat River. And, it is located just south of Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.

Polecat Hot Springs has two stone-walled hot tubs, one on the hill and one on the river bank. The water temperature is around 100 degrees and you can take a dip in the top pool as one of the hottest of the two.

Because the pool is not very deep, it might just be suitable for soaking your feet. To get to the hot springs you have to take the trail from Headwaters Lodge & Cabins or the parking lot.

Address: Moran, WY 83013, United States

Hellie’s TeePee and Spa

Best Hot Springs in Wyoming - Hellie's Teepe and Spa

Hellie’s TeePee and Spa is a hot springs resort in the hot springs capital of Wyoming in the city called Thermopolis.
It’s located just about a mile outside Thermopolis, in Hot Springs State Park.

This hot spring resort offers 4 hot tubs with varying temperatures and for one day use only. There are 1 outdoor hot tub and 3 indoor hot tubs, there are also indoor and outdoor water slides.

This place is very popular with the locals because the resort does not treat the water with any chemicals. Although not the most beautiful resort, but always lively and fully functional.

There is no accommodation here and clothing is not an option.

Address: 144 Tepee St, Thermopolis, WY 82443, United States
Open Hours: Open daily 09.00–21.00
Phone: +1 307-864-9250

Fountain of Youth RV Park

Best Hot Springs in Wyoming - Fountain of Youth RV park

The Fountain of Youth Spa is a little oasis hidden next to the Chocolate Mountains. But this resort has the largest mineral hot spring pool in the state of Wyoming and the third largest in the world.

Located about 4 miles north of Thermopolis, the resort is family owned and operated for three generations. Since its inception in 1965 until now, this Resort has become a favorite hot spring destination for customers from all over the world.

The Fountain of Youth Spa is a perfect escape from the endless hustle and bustle of the big city. The water comes from the Sacajawea Well and the temperature is stable at around 100 degrees.

The resort offers camping and RV accommodation. However, you can also enjoy the resort for the day.

Address: 250 US-20, Thermopolis, WY 82443, United States
Open Hours: open 24 hours
Phone: +1 307-864-3265

Hot Springs State Park Bath House

Best Hot Springs in Wyoming - State Park Bath House

Hot Springs State Park Bath House is a free public bath with spa facilities using mineral water. It is located on the outskirts of Thermopolis and is under the management of a state park.

You can’t find this kind of facility in Yellowstone National Park. Therefore to get to the location of this bath you need to drive two and a half hours from Yellowstone National Park to the small town, Thermopolis.

This bath allows you to soak for free for 20 minutes. And you also get free Wi-Fi facilities, bathrooms and lockers.

The pool here has a temperature of around 104 degrees F and is very clean. While the spring is right behind the pool which provides very hot water around 135 degrees F.

Best Hot Springs in Wyoming - State Park Bath House Mineral Hot Pool

There is another sight that you should call Rainbow Terrace. If you walk on the trail at Rainbow Terrace, you will find a pool flowing with turquoise water.

This mineral hot spring is worth your visit when you visit the state of Wyoming. Because you will get a very valuable bathing experience, but at no cost.

Address: 168 Tepee St, Thermopolis, WY 82443, United States
Open Hours: Open daily 08.00–16.00
Phone: +1 307-864-3765

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Star Plunge Hot Springs

Best Hot Springs in Wyoming - Star Plunge Outside Pool

Star Plunge Hot Springs is a family business in the form of a water park and family oriented. This hot spring park offers a relaxing and enjoyable time, located in Thermopolis, Wyoming.

Star Plunge Hot Springs offers 2 large hot tubs, 3 water slides, 2 hot tubs, a steam cave, and 2 baby hot tubs.
The water here offers varying temperatures and is enriched with 27 different minerals.

The water temperature in swimming pools and tubs varies from 94 to 104 degrees. They do not treat water with any chemicals at all, very natural.

Then other facilities include a high jump, basketball hoop, sundeck, fitness room, games room, and snack bar. This hot spring park is really suitable for children, couples, and family events.

You may want to see the entrance admission for this hot spring, check the rates here.

Address: 115 Big Springs Dr, Thermopolis, WY 82443, United States
Open Hours: Open daily 09.00–21.00
Phone: +1 307-864-3771

Huckleberry Hot Springs

Best Hot Springs in Wyoming - Huckelberry Hot Springs

Huckleberry Hot Springs is a natural hot spring located in Grand Teton National Park, closer to Yellowstone. To reach the location you have to drive about 45 minutes from Jackson.

Once you reach the end of the trail, you have to hike about 1 mile to get to this hot spring. The hiking trails are sometimes covered in snow during the winter, but in the spring they are perfect for pleasant walks.

This natural hot spring comes from a 155-degree hot spring pool, which is too hot for swimming. Then this water flows into a smaller pool and cools so you can use it for a dip.

These ponds have an earthy bottom and are often found with algae. You should not dip your head in the water here because of the organisms that may be present.

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