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Montana Hot Springs Map – Finding Hot Springs Location in Montana

Montana hot springs map will help you find the best bathing locations near your location. Montana itself is a hot springs paradise, the country has more than two dozen top hot pools to soak in.

For your information, Montana is a state in the northern United States with the capital city Helena. Its area is 381,156 km² with a total population of 967,440 people (in 2008).

Most of the hot springs are scattered in the mountainous western region of the state. More precisely, the hot springs are scattered throughout the Rocky Mountains of Montana.

Map of All Hot Springs in Montana

Montana hot springs map - Quinn's hot springs resort

First of all, let’s take a look at the full map to help you explore all the best hot springs in Montana. This map will make it easier for you to find which hot springs are closest to you.

The map below lists at least 27 hot spring locations, including natural hot springs, hot spring resorts, hotels, and parks in Montana. For easy directions, all places are linked to Google maps.

There are two types of categories on the map that are distinguished by color. The first is Light Blue to indicate the Natural Hot Springs category, while Dark Purple represents Hotels, Resorts & Parks with Hot Springs.

Here is a list of the 27 best hot springs in Montana on the map. Each hot spring location pin is already associated with a google map, just click on it to find more information and for easy directions.

1. Alameda’s Hot Springs Retreat
2. Big Medicine Hot Springs
3. Boiling River Hot Springs
4. Boulder Hot Springs
5. Bozeman Hot Springs
6. Broadwater Hot Springs
7. Chico Hot Springs
8. Corwin Hot Springs
9. Elkhorn Hot Springs
10. Fairmont Hot Springs
11. Gigantic Warm Spring
12. Jackson Hot Springs
13. K Bar L Ranch & Medicine Springs
14. Lolo Hot Springs Pools Resort
15. Lost Trail Hot Springs Resort
16. Nimrod Hot Springs
17. Norris Hot Springs
18. Potosi Hot Springs
19. Quinn’s Hot Springs
20. Renova Hot Springs
21. Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs
22. Sleeping Child Hot Springs
23. Spa Hot Springs Motel and Clinic
24. Symes Hotel and Medicinal Springs
25. Upper Potosi Hot Springs
26. Wild Horse Hot Springs
27. Yellowstone Hot Springs

Best Hot Springs in Montana With Map

If you’ve ever been to Montana, you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that this mountainous state is full of hot springs. It feels like wherever you wander through this sprawling state, you’re never too far from an opportunity to soak.

Nearly every corner of the Rockies from Yellowstone National Park in the south to Glacier National Park in the north has tucked away hot spring locations. Because indeed most of the hot springs in the country are located throughout the western part of the state.

Among the 27 lists of hot springs above, of course there are better ones among the others. To that end, we’ve rounded up the 10 best hot springs in Montana, we’ve also included a map:

Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs – Saco, Montana

Montana hot springs map - Sleeping Buffalo hot springs indoor pool

Sleeping Buffalo hot springs also known as American Legion Health Resort is located on the Buffalo trail, Saco, Montana. This historic spring was discovered by accident during an oil drilling project by several communities in Phillips County in the late 1920s.

When the drill reached a height of 3,100 feet, it hit a well of hot water. Then the drilling was abandoned, and the hot water well was left running for several years.

Until there is a project from Henry Lantz of Phillips County, is looking for a recreation area project to provide employment. And finally this hot spring became the ideal location for this type of work and you can see it to this day.

Today, Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs has 3 indoor hot tubs adjacent to the Nelson Reservoir in northern Montana. Its primary source is a 3,200-foot-deep well that produces more than 900 gallons of water at 108 degrees per minute.

The hot tub pool has a temperature of 106 degrees. Then the large hot spring pool is about 95 degrees, and the cold plunge pool is about 50 degrees.

They add absolutely no chemicals to the geothermal water, totally natural. Daytime use is available, and remember to wear a swimsuit as clothing is not an option here.

Sleeping Buffalo provides accommodation that includes cabins, RV connections and camping. If you are a guest with the accommodation then you have all access to the hot springs.

Let see this hot springs location in Montana with a map for directions.

Address: 669 Buffalo Trail, Saco, Montana 59261
Phone: (406) 527-3320
Open Hours: Open daily 9 AM to 8 PM

Spa Hot Springs Motel – White Sulphur Springs

Montana hot springs map - Spa Hot Springs Motel and Clinic

White Sulfur Hot Springs also known as Spa Hot Springs Motel and Clinic is the ultimate natural bathhouse in downtown White Sulfur Springs, Montana. Since hundreds of years ago, Native Americans have visited these Natural Hot Springs for health purposes.

Hot Springs Motel and Clinic Spa offers 3 hot tubs and 33 motel rooms for your convenience. Accommodations for guests include free access to a hot tub.

A 35-foot deep well with a water temperature of about 130 degrees is the main source of this hot spring. Then the water from the source flow into 3 hot pools which are always cleaned every night.

Montana hot springs map - Spa Hot Springs Motel outdoor pool

The first outdoor hot pool measuring 30 feet by 35 feet is about body temperature. The second is a new pool which has a temperature of about 103 degrees.

Furthermore, the indoor hot pool measuring 10 by 15 feet has a temperature of about 105 degrees. The whole pool has very pure water without any chemicals.

Apart from having a perfect and strategic location, Spa Hot Springs Motel is open all year round to offer you any adventure. They can be the best base for winter adventures as they are only 35 miles from the Showdown Ski Area and Silver Crest Cross-Country Trail System.

In addition, there are many adventurous activities that you can explore in this area such as hiking, biking, fishing, kayaking, water skiing, or observing wildlife. Even this area also offers some of the best hunting in the State.

Let see this hot springs location in Montana with a map for directions.

Address: 202 W Main Street White Sulphur Springs, MT 59645
Phone: (406) 547-3366
Open Hours: Open daily 7 AM to 10 PM

Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort – Plains, Montana

Montana hot springs map - Quinn's hot springs resort

Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort is a hot spring resort that offers year-round bliss for the whole family. It is located in western Montana, about an hour northwest of Missoula beside Sheep Creek in Paradise.

The resort’s name comes from an Irish immigrant who claimed the land and laid the foundations of the facilities you see today. Now the resort on the Montana hot springs map has swimming pools, lodging, restaurants, taverns and other facilities.

Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort has a variety of geothermal soaking pools with all the water being 100% natural. They even have an ice pool for those brave enough to dive into the world of polar bears.

The most popular pool has a warm temperature of 89°F and the hottest pool has a temperature of 106°F. If you book overnight accommodation, then you can enjoy unlimited swimming pool access from 07:00 until closing.

However, general daily visitors can only soak in 3-hour sessions, between 9am and closing at 9pm. This resort is very popular, you should book your swimming session in advance.

Let see this hot springs location in Montana with a map for directions.

Address: 190 MT-135, Paradise, MT 59856, United States
Phone: (406) 826-3150
Open Hours: Open daily 7 AM to 11 PM

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Broadwater Hot Springs & Fitness – Helena, Montana

Montana hot springs map - Broadwater hot springs

Broadwater Hot Springs is a family hot spring destination that also has a fitness facility. It is located on Ten Mile Creek in the picturesque Rocks, about 5 miles from Helena, Montana.

The name of this hot spring is taken from the name of Colonel Charles Broadwater who built the Broadwater Hotel in 1889.
The area of ​​this hot spring is 25,000 square feet, offering three outdoor hot tubs, a hot tub hot tub and a cold waterfall.

The natural hot springs are artesian wells with seasonal temperatures from 148 to 152 degrees. Then it flows into several pools with different temperatures in the end.

The Springs Pool is a freeform saltwater pool from 3 to 4.5 feet deep. It measures 30 x 70 feet and has a water temperature of between 97 and 102 degrees.

Immersion Pools measure 24 x 60 feet and range from 3 to 5 feet deep. The water temperature in this Immersion pool is maintained between 97 to 102 degrees.

The Recreation Pool measures 25 x 70 feet and ranges in depth from 3 to 10 feet. The water temperature in this Recreational pool is stable between 89 and 93 degrees.

Hot tubs have higher water temperatures which are between 101 and 104 degrees. However Cold Plunge has a much lower temperature, between 60-70 degrees.

This resort does not provide accommodation and is not pet friendly. They do however offer a bar and grill on site, also have a racquetball court.

Let see this hot springs location in Montana with a map for directions.

Address: 4920 US-12, Helena, MT 59601, United States
Phone: (406) 443-5777
Open Hours: Weekdays 8 AM to 10.30 PM – Weekend 10 AM to 10.30 PM.

Fairmont Hot Springs Resort – Anaconda, Montana

Montana hot springs map - Fairmont hot springs resort

Fairmont Hot Springs Resort features two large Olympic Pools and two Mineral Immersion Pools. This resort is very popular thanks to the large swimming pool.

In addition to a large swimming pool, they also have a 350-foot covered waterslide and a Fitness Center. The hot water supply from these pools has an almost unlimited number of 155 degrees.

The indoor pool has an ambient temperature of 88° – 94° with a size of 128 x 46 feet. While the Indoor Hot Spring has a temperature of around 100° – 104° with a size of 46 x 16 feet.

Then the outdoor swimming pool has a temperature of around 88° – 94° and with a size of 164′ 6″ x 59′ 5″. While the Outdoor Hot Springs are diamond-shaped and have an average temperature of: 100° – 104°.

The swimming pool is only open to resort guests staying from 07.00-22.00. There is a large changing room, steam room, lockers and snack bar complementing the Fairmont swimming pool facilities.

Let see this hot springs location in Montana with a map for directions.

Address: 500 Fairmont Rd, Anaconda, MT 59711, United States
Phone: (406) 797-3241
Open Hours: Open daily 7 AM to 10 PM

Norris Hot Springs – Norris, Montana

Montana hot springs map - Norris hot springs

Norris Hot Springs is a country hot spring located in the Madison River Valley. It is also famous for its wooden hot springs in Norris, Montana.

Originally, the Norris Hot Springs were built by the miners as their baths. But in the 1890s this pool became a bathing place for tourists after the construction of the runway.

One of the hot springs on the Montana Map, it offers a place to soak in a quaint country pool while enjoying live music. Around the pond there is a natural wetland with views of various types of wild animals.

The main pool is the Bucket, measuring 30′ x 40′ with temperatures of 100 degrees during summer and 106 degrees during winter days. The pool is only about 4 feet deep which means it is suitable for all ages.

Next is a wooden pool located above the Water of the Gods artesian spring. The temperature of the water when it reaches to the pool is 120 F but cooled down to a comfortable temperature.

Let see this hot springs location in Montana with a map for directions.

Address: 42 MT-84, Norris, MT 59745, United States
Phone: (406) 685-3303
Open Hours: Open only Tuesday-Sunday 10 AM to 10 PM

Lolo Hot Springs – Lolo

Montana hot springs map - Lolo hot springs

Lolo Hot Springs Resort has long been a huge attraction for tourists visiting the mountains of Montana. This hot tub is a comfortable natural escape in Western Montana, about 45 minutes southwest of Missoula.

Open year-round, the resort offers recreation, lodging, dining and even casino fun. There is a famous accommodation adjacent to several heated indoor pools, it is The Lodge.

The resort has 2 swimming pools, an Indoor Mineral Pool and an Outdoor Swimming Pool. And the both are open year-round with water temperatures ranging from 102° to 106° Fahrenheit.

Let see this hot springs location in Montana with a map for directions.

Address: 38600 US-12, Lolo, MT 59847, United States
Phone: 877-541-5117
Open Hours: Sunday-Thursday: 10 AM-10:00 PM, Friday-Saturday: 10AM-Midnight


Thank you for reading this blog post! We have included a list of the best hot springs in Montana, as well as a map to help you find them. Enjoy your stay and be sure to tell all of your friends about the wonderful hot springs that are waiting for them in Montana!

Many of the best springs can be found in popular destinations, but there are also some hidden gems out there too! So whether you’re searching for a relaxing getaway or want to soak up some unique thermal activity, we hope our map will help you find the perfect spot to enjoy yourself.

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