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Idaho Hot Springs Map – Finding the Best Hot Springs in Idaho

Viewing an Idaho hot springs map is the first thing you need to do when you set foot in the state. Because Idaho actually has a range of the most spectacular hot springs in the world.

Idaho is very popular with hot springs fans because it has so many different hot springs to visit. Because there are so many, these hot springs are often in the most unexpected places.

Some have been managed commercially into hot spring resorts and not a few are still natural non-commercial. That’s why we’re going to help you navigate the Idaho hot springs map so you can get what you’re dreaming of.

Best Idaho Hot Springs Resorts

Here is the list of the best Idaho hot springs resorts that we present with a map. Scroll down and read until end to find natural hot springs too.

Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch

Idaho hot springs map - Rocky mountain ranch

Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch is an upscale seasonal hot spring nestled between two open forests. The 900 acres stretch between Sawtooth National Forest and Challis Salmon National Forest in the beautiful country of Idaho.

This resort offers unlimited adventures ranging from hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, fishing, rock climbing and white water rafting. And as the main activity is swimming in the outdoor pool with natural hot springs.

The outdoor pool contains pure hot mineral water with a temperature of about 99 degrees. What you need to pay attention to when soaking in the pool is clothes are needed.

This resort is also suitable for all ages as it also provides activities for children. Off-duty staff members are often available for child care.

The Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch is open year-round but only welcomes guests during the summer. So you should make a reservation in advance to get accommodation that includes all your food and drinks.

Below is the location of the Idaho mountain ranch hot springs in Idaho map:

Address: 18027 State Hwy 75, Stanley, ID 83278, United States
Phone: +1 208-725-3000

Maple Grove Hot Springs Resort

Idaho hot springs map - Maple grove hot springs idaho

Maple Grove Hot Springs are located along the Bear River at the northern end of the Oneida Narrows Reservoir in the scenic Oneida Narrows gorge. It has 3 large soaking tubs and 1 large therapy pool where the source is a natural lithium mineral hot spring that boils.

Actually there are two main sources, namely the upper and lower pools. The upper source leaves the earth at 180+ degrees and fills the soaking pool with temperatures between 104-109 degrees.

The swimming pool contains natural and untreated water so clothing is required. The resort also has campsites, yurts, tents and log cabins for lodging.

Here is the location of the Maple Grove hot springs resort on the map:

Address: 11386 Oneida Narrows Rd, Thatcher, ID 83283, United States
Phone: +1 208-244-0695

Red River Hot Springs

Red River Hot Springs​ is a country resort hidden in the back forest at 5000 feet. The location stretches along the Red River in the Nez Perce Clearwater National Forest.

This hot spring offers an outdoor geothermal pool and an outdoor hot springs bath. Based on historical records, this hot spring was used more than 100 years ago by the Nez Perce Indians.

Red River Hot Springs has 4 hot springs with a temperature of 130 degrees. However only three sources were used to fill the pool, after reaching the pool the temperature dropped to 122 degrees.

In winter, the heated swimming pool is between 85 – 90 degrees. But in summer the temperature is around 100 degrees.

This hot spring contains 100% pure unprocessed mineral water. So a bathing suit is needed when you soak.

If you want to stay overnight they offer daily and overnight accommodation. Accommodation includes breakfast, lunch and dinner as they also have a cafe at the resort.

Here is the location of the Red River hot springs resort on the map:

Address: 3837 Hot Springs Rd, Elk City, ID 83525
Phone: +1 208-842-9222

Burgdorf Hot Springs

Idaho hot springs map - Burgdorf hot springs

Burgdorf Hot Springs is a historic country resort that dates back to the 1870s. It is located in the mountains of Payette National Forest near the historic town of Warren or about 32 miles north of the city of McCall, Idaho.

This resort, which is located near the Salmon River, provides hot springs for cabin guests (24 hour access). However, for daily swimming guests, prior reservation is required.

If you’re interested in a day’s dip, head over to Soak to schedule your two-hour swimming block now.

As one of the best hot spring resorts on the Idaho map, Burgdorf Hot Springs features two outdoor tubs for soaking.

The first pool measures 6×6 feet with a water temperature of 112 degrees. And the next pool has a larger 50×85 sand bottom, the water of which reaches a temperature of about 101 degrees.

The resort is open all year round but you can only access it by snow vehicle in winter. But you don’t need to worry, because they have prepared a list of local snowmobile rentals, please visit their website.

If you plan to stay, they provide rustic cabins to stay. However, you must bring your own bed and personal equipment.

Here is the location of the Burgdorf hot springs in Idaho map:

Address: 404 French Creek, McCall, ID 83638, United States
Phone: +1 208-315-6657

Challis Hot Springs

Idaho hot springs map - Challis hot springs Idaho

Challis Hot Springs is a 5th generation family owned destination located in Round Valley, home of Challis, Idaho. The location is right on the banks of the Salmon River, 70 miles upstream of the “River of No Return” or about a 2-hour and a half-hour drive from the Idaho Falls.

This resort has the main facility in the form of a natural hot spring pool that does not smell. Because it is constantly being refilled with fresh water which is continuously supplied by nature through the riverbed.

There are two outdoor hot springs filled by an underground geothermal source. In addition, Challis also offers accommodation that includes RV and tent camping, and Bed & Breakfast.

Most guests love camping in RVs while enjoying the hot springs. Because the campsites at this resort are perfect for starting kayaking or rafting trips and even fishing for trout and steelheads.

There is a special sight that you can find here, namely the Bighorn Rocky Mountain flocks that often visit the cliffs above the property. This is a rare sight that you can’t get at other hot spring resorts.

Challis Hot Springs pool facility does not operate as a public swimming pool due to its size and does not have a lifeguard. So only all registered guests can use the pool at their own risk.

Here is the location of Challis hot springs in Idaho map:

Address: 5025 Hot Springs Rd, Challis, ID 83226, United States
Phone: +1 208-879-4442

You may also looking for:

Trinity Hot Springs

Idaho hot springs map - Trinity hot springs

Trinity Hot Springs is North America’s only certified hot spring commercial resort in North America. This family-friendly resort is along Grouse Creek and adjacent to the South Fork of the Boise River.

Trinity has a main facility which is a large open air pool with a pebble bottom. Apart from that, you can also book lodging, yoga, daily use, and camping.

Trinity Springs water is “Naturliches Heilwasser” certified natural health water, you probably won’t find it anywhere else.

Apart from being recognized as the only certified natural health water, Trinity hot springs are also known as the deepest natural springs in the world. The water temperature at the source is 135 degrees while the pool temperature varies seasonally, ranging from 95-108 degrees in Summer / 90-95 degrees in Winter.

For lodging they have the facilities of two cabins, six cottage rooms, and one full house available at the resort for rent. However you need to make a reservation and you have to register for an annual membership.

If you stay you get free 24-hour access to the hot springs. Since the resort is friendly for all ages, swimwear is necessary.

They also have campsites for rent, you can even bring your own food and pets. Here is the location of Trinity hot springs in Idaho map:

Address: 1020 North Warm Springs Drive, Featherville, ID 83647, United States
Phone: +1 208-653-2123

Other Hot Springs Resorts on Idaho Map

Idaho hot springs map - Idaho springs

Actually, there are still many hot spring resorts that you can explore through the Idaho Hot Springs map. But it will be very long if we discuss all of them.

That’s why we’ve summarized them in a short list, so you can see all the hot spring resorts in Idaho. Here is their list hot springs in Idaho map:

  • The Springs
  • Durfee Hot Springs
  • Haven Hot Springs
  • Red River Hot Springs
  • The Lava Hotel
  • Miracle and Banbury Hot Springs
  • Home Hot Springs
  • Riverside Inn & Hot Springs
  • Roystone Hot Springs
  • Silver Creek Plunge
  • 1000 Springs Resort
  • Twin Springs Resort
  • Mountain Village Resort
  • Terrace Lakes Hot Springs
  • Downata Hot Springs
  • Gold Fork Hot Springs
  • Indian Springs Resort
  • Nat-Soo-Pah Hot Springs
  • Starkey Hot Springs
  • Givens Hot Springs
  • Green Canyon Hot Springs
  • Lava Hot Springs Inn
  • Mundo Hot Springs
  • Riverdale Resort Hot Springs
  • Zim’s Hot Springs
  • Sawtooth Hot Springs

Idaho Natural Hot Springs Map

After browsing through the many hot spring resorts in Idaho, it turns out that the list isn’t over. There are still plenty of natural hot springs, most of which are non-commercial.

Here is a list of all of Idaho’s natural hot springs on a map, with our favorite places to visit at the top of the list.

Goldbug Hot Springs

Goldbug Hot Springs is located along Warm Spring Creek in the Salmon-Challis National Forest. It is located in the Salmon River Valley in Lemhi County, about 20 miles south of Salmon, Idaho.

Goldbug Hot Springs has about six waterfall pools with the source about 108 degrees. This place also has several hot pools with sandstone walls.

Then there’s no doubt that Goldbug hot springs is one of the most beautiful hidden hot springs on the Idaho map. You can only take the vehicle until the start of the trailhead, then hike to reach the hot springs location.

As this is a natural hot spring, clothing is optional when soaking in this pool. There are no overnight facilities, even camping is only allowed within a 500 meter radius outside the hot springs area.

Here is the location of Goldbug hot springs in Idaho map:

Address: Salmon, ID 83467, United States
Open hour: Open 24 hours
Phone: +1 208-756-5100

Jerry Johnson Hot Springs

Jerry Johnson Hot Springs is a primitive but very popular natural hot spring, located in the Clearwater National Forest in Central Idaho. This is a non commercial hot spring, you can soak for free and clothing is optional.

​Jerry Johnson Hot Springs is located along Warms Springs Creek or a two-hour drive from Grangerville, Idaho. It has three hot springs that vary in size and temperature.

Although they vary, each pool has stone walls and a clear sandy bottom. The temperature of the pool water depends on the size of the pool and the season when you visit.

The first source is a waterfall pool along the river bank with a temperature of 115 degrees. The second hot spring has several pools and passes through a waterfall pool.

The third hot spring is in a meadow and has a stunning view of the mountains. All of these hot spring pools have a depth of about 2-3 feet and an average temperature of 100-104 degrees.

This hot spring is pet friendly however Dogs must be leashed. This hot spring is a family destination and you are not allowed to stay or camp at the hot springs.

Here is the location of Jerry Johnson hot springs in Idaho map:

There are no official phone numbers or addresses, you just need to visit the hot springs before evening. For directions, please follow the map above.

Kirkham Hot Springs

Kirkham Hot Springs is a free, family-friendly natural hot spring. It is located along the northern bank of the South Fork of the Payette River at 4,000 feet in the central part of the state of Idaho.

You can reach Kirkman in an hour and 45 minute drive to the hot springs from Boise, Idaho. It offers hot spring waterfalls and rock-walled hot spring pools along the river.

The temperature at the Kirkman source is 120 degrees while the temperature of the hot spring waterfalls averages 95 – 110 degrees. Swimwear is required as this is a high-traffic hot spring.

Kirkham Hot Springs is only open during the day and closed after sunset. If you want to stay overnight then you can take advantage of accommodations that are close to the hot springs, Kirkham Campground.

Here is the location of Kirkham natural hot springs in Idaho map:

Address: 7658 ID-21, Lowman, ID 83637, United States

Other Natural Hot Springs on Idaho Map

Of course, there are still many natural hot springs that you can explore through the Idaho Hot Springs map. But it will be very long if we cover all of them.

That’s why we’ve summarized them in a short list, so you can see all the natural and non-commercial hot springs in Idaho. Here is their list of hot springs in Idaho map:

  • Sunbeam Hot Springs
  • Baumgartner Hot Springs
  • Heise Hot Springs
  • Pine Flats Hot Springs
  • Weir Creek Hot Springs
  • Cove Creek Hot Springs
  • Bonneville Hot Springs
  • Rocky Canyon Hot Springs
  • Boat Box Hot Springs
  • Chattanooga Hot Springs
  • Pincock Hot Springs
  • Frenchman’s Bend Hot Springs
  • Sacajawea Hot Springs
  • Vulcan Hot Springs
  • Basin Creek Hot Springs
  • Warfield Hot Springs
  • Stanley Hot Springs
  • Easley Hot Springs

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