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Fifth Water Hot Springs and Waterfall – Hidden Paradise in Utah

Fifth Water Hot Springs is one of the most beautiful natural baths in the state of Utah. Located just about an hour outside downtown Salt Lake City, this hot spring pool has several hot spring pools with smooth blue and aqua-colored water and waterfalls.

There is also a red rocky canyon plus a beautiful hiking trail. It’s a trip to the hot springs perfect for visitors and locals alike.

The Fifth Water Hot Springs, also known as the Diamond Fork Hot Springs, has easy hiking trails that are accessible to everyone. The hike is about 2.5 miles or 3 hours drive to the hot springs location, this means you will be on a 5 mile round trip.

There are several hiking trails, the most popular being the Three Forks Trailhead in Diamond Fork Canyon, or from the Rays Valley Trailhead. However during winter, the hike may be further up to 13.2 miles round trip, this is due to seasonal road closures.


Direction to Fifth Water Hot Springs

The location of the Fifth Air Hot Spring is very easy and accessible. You just need to reach the Trailhead which is at
Diamond Fork Rd, Springville, UT 84663, United States.

The hike to Fifth Water Hot spring is generally via the Three Forks Trailhead in Diamond Fork Canyon. Just park at Trailhead because there you will find plenty of free parking and bathrooms.

Driving Directions

To more easily find the location of the Fifth Water Hot spring trailhead, let’s take a closer look through the map:

The Fifth Hot Springs is about a 30-minute drive from Provo, Utah. here are the directions:

  • If you’re from Provo, Utah Take I-15 S south towards US-6 (Price/Manti) then take the east exit (exit258) towards the mountains.
  • Continue driving for 11 miles (from the exit) on Highway 6 towards the Spanish Fork canyon.
  • After that there will be a fork in the road, take a turn on the left side of the road to Forest Road 29 at the Diamond Fork sign.
  • Follow the road for 9.8 miles until you see the Three Forks Trailhead parking area sign

Road conditions

Fifth water hot springs road conditions after snow rain

If you visit in months other than winter you will find the road to the trailhead paved open and clear of snow. But things will be different if you visit during the winter months.

In winter there are often storms that make the roads filled with snow. These conditions are so dangerous that the Forest Service sometimes closes the last 5 miles of the road to the trailhead for vehicles.

However, you can park through the parking area near the winter gate at 40.076415,-111.418188. You can start the hike from this location, of course with equipment or snow vehicles to reach the Three Forks Trailhead.

This condition certainly adds a considerable distance and increases the travel time to climb. It’s a good idea to make sure to allow sufficient time for the safe return journey.

If you are going in winter, we recommend calling the Forestry Service on (801) 798-3571 to check road conditions. We think it’s the best step before embarking on a journey to Fifth Water Hot springs, so that you prepare yourself and your time.

The Pools

Fifth water hot springs pools view

The hot springs, also known as Diamond Fork Hot Springs, have several rocky hot spring pools built along the river. One thing that is amazing is the color of the waters are very beautiful, with milky blue and bluish green.

At the source, this hot spring has a water temperature of about 111 degrees. You can however find bathing pools with the perfect 102 degrees, temperatures varying between pools and cooler ones downstream.

Please find the pool that best suits your temperature, make your immersion as comfortable as possible. In addition to the hot spring pool, you will also find a view of the hot spring waterfall where you can stand under it.

As in other hot springs, the waters here do contain sulfur. But sulfur is actually really good for your skin and has many health benefits!

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The Waterfalls

First waterfall in Fifth water hot springs

Besides having several hot pools with very cool water colors, Fifth Water Hot Springs also has two waterfalls. The first waterfall is right above the main swimming pool, this location is a shame if you miss it while climbing the trail.

Due to the sulfur content in the hot springs, you will start to smell a stronger sulfur smell as you approach the waterfall area. Nevertheless, the water at the location of the pool and the water is still clear and pleasant.

Second waterfall in Fifth water hot springs

The second waterfall is located higher but not far from the first. The scenery here is very cool and the most photogenic.

Amazingly the two second waterfalls are connected through a stream with the first waterfall. And there are two excellent wading pools along the stream that connects the two waterfalls.


Camping near fifth water hot springs

The Fifth Hot Spring is a destination that is still completely natural, so it does not provide accommodation to stay overnight. There are also no hotels or other types of establishments in the area so camping is the only way to spend the night in the area.

As a popular hot spring destination, the area gets busier during the weekends. Even though there is no hotel accommodation, some groups of people still like to go here to camp at night.

You don’t have to worry about where to set up camp, as there are plenty of interesting and shady spots along the trailhead. The only thing you need to watch out for is the rattlesnakes that are often seen along the trailhead.

Hike to Fifth Water Hot Springs

To reach the Fifth Hot Springs, you’ll have to hike through two trailhead options. Each with a moderate level of difficulty and has beautiful views along the way.

The Tree Fork Trailhead is the first and most popular hiking trail. Through this route you will hike for approximately 2.5 miles (5 miles round trip).

The trail has an elevation of 700 feet, is quite gentle and takes about 2 hours on foot. Parking and bathrooms are available at this trailhead.

The Rays Valley Trailhead is the second option for getting to Fifth Water Hot Springs. This trail is about 8 kilometers long round trip and is known to be a bit challenging.

It will take at least 2 hours 11 minutes to complete the climb. However this route is a bit more peaceful and quiet as it is not as popular as the first trailhead.

Tree Fork Trailhead

Fifth water hot springs from tree fork trailhead

The fifth hot spring is in the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest which is usually accessed by hiking from the Tree fork trailhead opposite the Diamond fork canyon. The trail has a wide, well-maintained trail that runs along the north side of Sixth Water Creek.

This route takes about 2 hours of travel with a total distance of 7.2 kilometers round trip. Since this area is very popular for hiking, you will often meet people without the fear of feeling lonely.

The best time to visit the fifth hot spring is around October. You are free to bring your dog but must be in your care and on a leash.

To find the location of the pool you have to keep walking for a mile to cross the foot bridge. This is the intersection of Sixth Water Creek (from left) and Fifth Water Creek (from right).

Continue again about a mile after the foot bridge until you smell the sulfur. Notice the color of the water will turn milky blue, a sign that you are close.

Find the lower hot springs on your right, the other two hot springs are 20 meters upstream. About 50 meters downstream from the bottom of the waterfall there are two other springs, one each on the right and left side of the river.

Rays Valley Trailhead

Fifth water hot springs from rays valley trailhead

In addition to the Tree Fork Trailhead, you can reach the Fifth Water Hot springs waterfalls and hot springs by hiking through the Rays Valley Trailhead.

This route features 8.0 km of easy, well-maintained trails near the Spanish Fork, Utah. The Rays Valley Trailhead is often considered a fairly challenging route, it takes an average of 2 hours 11 minutes to complete.

Although this hiking trail is quite popular, you can still enjoy some solitude at quieter times. This condition is slightly different from the Tree Fork Trailhead which tends to be more crowded.

The trailhead is about a 36-mile drive from the Spanish Fork, to reach it drive east on Highway 6 for about 22.5 miles.

Then take the paved road with Sheep Creek/Strawberry Reservoir signs leading north. Continue driving along the road for about 14 miles until you see a trailhead sign.

Once you find the trailhead, park and start your hike from the end of the trail.

This trail leads southwest to the deepening gorge of Fifth Water Creek. You just follow the flow of the river water to be able to find waterfalls and hot springs.

The main pool is about 2.5 miles from this trailhead. No need to worry about track conditions because the trails are easy and well-maintained.

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Tips for Visiting Fifth Water Hot Springs

Soaking in Fifth water hot springs Utah

Here are a few things we can say before you visit Fifth Water Hot Springs in Utah, Hope it helps your visit.

  1. This hot spring is quite popular, especially on weekends. To escape the crowds and find some privacy, go visit on a weekday.
  2. You are allowed to bring your dog as the hot springs and trails are pet friendly. But you should always look after and just make sure your dog is on a leash.
  3. Wear your swimsuit and no nudity. This issue complies with laws that prohibit nudity in the state of Utah.
  4. Bring shoes or sandals when hiking and walking between the pools. Often there are broken glass on the trails, because sometimes people carry glass bottles to the hot springs.
  5. No need to worry about the bathroom, because it is available at the end of the trail.
  6. Help Clean up this place by starting to clean up for yourself. If you don’t mind picking up some extra trash to help keep this magical place open.

Other Natural Hot Springs in Utah

The state of Utah is known for its diversity and geographic beauty. Many natural wonders are hidden in this country as well as the amazing natural hot springs.

While absolutely stunning, Fifth Water Hot Springs aren’t the only hot springs you can find in Utah. We’ll help you find some other natural hot springs in Utah.

Meadow Hot Springs

Meadow hot springs in Utah

Meadow Hot Springs is on private property, but the landowners have graciously made this natural wonder open to the public. It’s located in a small farming town called Meadow, just south of Fillmore, Utah.

Natural hot springs is one of the most unique in the United States which has two hot spring pools of clear water.
The larger pool is 25 feet deep and the temperature is around 100 degrees.

While the smaller pool is a little less hot, but uniquely it has small fish in it. Fish the fish will give you a touch of manicure as long as you put your feet in.

Monroe Hot Springs

Mystic Hot Springs is a true natural wonder nestled between Fishlake National Forest and the Sevier Highlands in Sevier County Utah. The hot springs have a hippie commune feel and offer great views of the valley.

The hot springs here are unique in that they flow over giant rock walls with calcium deposits. The water temperature in the hot springs ranges from 100 to 106 degrees.

There are several natural baths that blend into the natural landscape. The waters have a rich history, being heavily used by the indigenous Ute, Shoshone, and Paiute tribes.

Inlet Hot Springs

Inlet springs in Utah

Inlet park Hot Springs is a public natural hot spring with one very large hot spring pool. This bathing pool is about 40 feet long and wide and up to 3 feet deep.

The hot springs location is very easy to find, right next to Lake Utah with parking nearby. The water temperature in this pool can be very warm up to 110 degrees.

Swimwear is required and the pool closes at 10pm. Make sure you don’t soak after that time because you may receive a hefty fine.

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