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12 Bar Cabinet Ideas That You Haven’t Seen in 2023

Actually there are many ideas that can be done to increase the look and functionality of your bar cabinet. A few small touches can evolve your bar cabinet according to your residential concept.

The kitchen is an important part of a well designed home. Even nowadays having a mini bar in the kitchen is a must for some people.

Besides being useful, it will also serve as an attractive decoration for your home. For many reasons designing bar cabinets will truly change the experience in your home for a more enjoyable one.

So what can you do to give your bar cabinet a magical touch? Here are bar cabinet ideas that you may not have seen before, hope they inspire you.


1. Utilizing a Small Corner of The Room

Small corner bar cabinet
Image credit:

This stand-alone storage piece is a godsend for a small corner of the room. This bar cabinet is quite sleek with a minimalistic design ensuring it doesn’t take up too much of the main visual space.

That way, the sofa in the living room will remain a focal point in the room. The choice of metal frame offers the function of maximum strength in supporting the weight of your wine bottle but still in a minimalist footprint.

If you want something similar, you can get it here.

2. Add Dutch Doors to Wet Bars

Small home bar with Dutch door
Image credit: Francesco Lagnese on

Dutch doors are the perfect mix of traditional and modern style in your living room. In addition to easy access, Dutch doors also serve to hide your wet bar but are still fully functional.

Original Dutch doors are generally made of solid wood with anti-warping technology. Before applying to your bar cabinet, make sure you choose the right finish, size and type of glass.

If you want something similar, you can get it here.

3. Cover Your Shelves with Fabric Skirts

Bar cabinet with fabric skirt
Image credit: Julian Wass on

One idea to make your bar cabinet look neat is to cover it with a fabric skirt. Apart from adding instant hidden storage, this also keeps it functioning as a home bar.

4. Removable Wallpaper

Cabinet bar ideas with removale wallpaper
Image credit: Douglas Friedman on

One of ideas to increase your bar cabinet appearance is to match your Appliances with your cabinets. You can did it by pasting the removable wallpaper panel. This is the smart option if you don’t want to commit yet and want to make some fun DIY crafts.

If you want something similar, you can get it here.

5. Display Vintage Books in the Bar Cabinet

Bar cabinet with vintage books
Image credit: Leanne Ford Interiors on

Do you have a better idea than mixing liquor and books? This built-in bookshelf designed by Leanne Ford is simply stunning. This ensures that the home bar can also serve as a study space.

If you want some vintage book collection, you can get it here.

6. An Idea to Turn the Bar Cabinet into a Wine Cellar

Image credit:

Have you ever thought that your home bar could become an adjacent wine cellar. Of course once you do, this traditional and simple home bar will look more elegant and modern.

All you need to prepare is to buy some Metal Wine Racks and then put them into the cabinet. You can buy these items here.

7. Dishwasher for Easy Cleaning

Bar cabinet with dishwasher
Image credit: Lesley Unruh o

It seems that having a fully stocked home bar is a good idea. This will be the cocktail center where you will get creative with your ability to mix your signature drink.

In addition to having a dedicated shelf, it’s even better if the dishwasher is slightly disguised for easy cleaning.

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8. Turn a Secretary’s Desk into a Bar Cabinet

Converting secretary deck into bar cabinet
Image credit: Brian Doben on

Talking about bar cabinet ideas doesn’t always mean cupboards or other bulky media for booze storage. Sometimes we can also use storage media that are more compact and practical, for example with a smaller secretarial desk.

It’s easy to store everything without needing to open a walkway in a hall or a tight corner. If you want to check out some of the secretarial deck collections, you can get them here.

9. Match the Glassware Color to the Cabinet

Image credit: Thomas Loof on

Having a collection of glassware in charming colors will make homeowners display them with pride. Matching the color of the glass with the bar cabinet is an idea to make the home bar the focal point of your living room.

The color collaboration of the two is reminiscent of the concept of a deep marine cabinet. The cobalt colored cabinet is very sparkling with green wine glasses neatly arranged on top.

10. Add Mirror Backsplash

Bar cabinet with mirror backsplash
Image credit: Studio DB on

In addition to displaying an aesthetic aura, adding a mirror backslash to your cabinet can also bring the right touch of formal style to your bar space. The sparkling mirror will add a vintage touch to any of your interior projects.

This product will create a timeless look that is great for accents and full surface mounting. A mirrored glass backsplash will add functionality to your bar cabinet and accentuate the interior design.

11. Bamboo Bar Cabinet

Image credit: Jhonny Valiant on

If you are looking for Ideas that offer a bit of individuality and a more modern bar cabinet style, bamboo can be a great choice. This bamboo bar cabinet is the perfect idea that helps maximize lighting especially when combined with a mirror tile backsplash.

Bamboo is extremely durable and hard, so its sturdiness is perfect for high-traffic areas such as kitchens or home bars. Its unique shape with a natural internode pattern provides an attractive surface motif so that the bamboo can be oriented both vertically and horizontally.

12. Use Mirror Cabinet

Image credit: Nicole Holis on

One more of the bar cabinet ideas that you may not have thought of before, namely using a mirrored media cabinet. It turns out that unconsciously a mirror cabinet can turn into a very roomy bar cabinet.

Even when closed, it can blend right into a sophisticated living room. So that everything looks neat until late afternoon, you open it and turn it into a warm home bar.

If you want something similar with the gold mirror cabinet above, you can get it here.

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