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15 Best Micro Campers Any Car Can Tow

When it comes to camping, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on a motorcoach. You can simply pull a Micro Camper behind your car. This lightweight camping vehicle is easy to maneuver on narrow roads.

It has extra comforts for travelers that can be enjoyed even while camping. And unlike conventional RVs, Micro Campers are designed for two people. It is easy to maneuver and doesn’t take up much storage space.

There are many advantages of owning a Micro Camper. Not only can you use it as a portable emergency shelter, but you can also tow it behind your bicycle. A Micro Camper also doubles as a bike trailer!

You can take it anywhere and make it your own with little effort! Just remember to pack everything you need for a weekend of camping, and you’ll be ready to go! There’s no need to spend a lot of money on a camper since you can get a Micro Camper for as little as $10,000!

Building a Micro Camper is a great project for the whole family. It’s easy to build a Micro Camper, and if you have experience building them, you can even add interesting features to them. And because it’s so cheap to build, you can even use an old cargo trailer.

There are several free plans and blueprints available online. It’s also possible to buy a pre-built Micro Camper van and convert it to a micro camper. You’ll have walls and wheels already.


What Is a Micro Camper?

What is Micro Campers

Before you get started, you should know exactly what a micro camper is and how to choose one for your travels. Micro campers are small trailers that are used as a substitute for tents while camping or hiking.

Since they are not meant to be permanent homes, they do not require the use of a tow vehicle. Besides, they are light enough to be towed by hand and can accommodate anywhere from 600 to 2000 pounds of weight.

A micro camper is a travel trailer that is smaller than the average house. Compared to bigger RVs, it weighs less than 2,000 pounds. Almost all micro campers are lightweight, so you don’t need a big tow vehicle to pull one. You can easily take one of these tiny trailers out for a day or two and not worry about catching a flat tire or breaking down.

Micro campers are ideal for those who want to travel but don’t have much space to spare. They usually use less fuel than larger RVs, and you don’t have to pay for campsite accommodation. They’re also easy on the budget. And unlike motorhomes and RVs, micro campers are more affordable than you might think.

How Much is a Micro Camper?

The cost of a micro camper can range from less than $20,000 to more than $40,000, but you can often piece together a micro camper yourself for under $1,000. Depending on what features you want, you can expect to pay anywhere from three thousand to five thousand Dollars.

Micro campers are a great choice if you’re going camping alone or with a small group. Micro campers offer a complete camping experience and a high degree of comfort.

What Is The Best Micro Camper?

When shopping for the Best Micro Camper, there are many different factors to consider, but there are only a few that deserve special attention. This article will provide you with some of the most important information and pointers to look for in a micro camper. We will also discuss some of the pros and cons of each model, and explain how you can choose the best micro camper for your needs.

These small trailers tow everything you need to take along on your trip without taking up space you wouldn’t normally have. And you won’t have to worry about full-size trailers or gas tanks or the maintenance that goes along with them. This makes Micro Campers the perfect vacation companions. Here are some of the best models:

Scamp 13’ Deluxe Camper

best micro campers

The Scamp 13′ Deluxe Micro Camper is a compact camper that can accommodate a small family or couple. Its front sofa converts into a double bed, and the rear dining area also features a double bed.

This RV comes with blue upholstery and blue cushions, beige Venetian blinds, birch cabinets, and wood panel doors. Owners can customize the interior to suit their tastes and personal style.

When it comes to pricing, Scamp has four different packages. The most basic model is around five thousand dollars, but if you’re looking for a more luxurious version, you can spend up to $23,000.

Each model is made to order, so it’s important to call and order months in advance to ensure you’re getting the best price. You can also drive to your local Scamp dealer and save a few thousand dollars.

When it comes to amenities, the Scamp 13′ is the cheapest of the Scamps. You can get the base model without a toilet and dinette, and you can also add a deluxe front bath.

The 13′ Scamp has a standard city water hookup and a 1.9-cubic-foot refrigerator. You can sleep up to five people in this trailer. You can also add an optional bathroom and a manual awning.

Price: Starting From $16,095
Dry Weight: 1,200 lbs

TAXA Woolly Bear

best micro campers

The TAXA Woolly Bear Micro Campers are compact and lightweight, yet they offer a variety of great features. These trailers come with a step that can be used to get up to the rooftop tent and tie down all your camping gear.

The trailer’s main deck platform has a step that can hold up to 350 lbs. and there are tie-down points for all your camping gear, including a 12V DC outlet for the refrigerator.

This deluxe micro camper can fit up to three people and can be easily towable by a small four-cylinder car. It has a full-size kitchen, a refrigerator and a pull-out cooler drawer, a cargo deck, a fold-down table and chairs, and storage for camping gear.

The Woolly Bear comes with a lighted countertop and storage space for food and features a USB and 12V outlet in the kitchen area.

Price: Starting From $12,480
Dry Weight: 1,270 lbs

Airstream Bambi Micro Camper

best micro campers

The Bambi Airstream Micro Camper is a luxuriously equipped travel trailer, with a kitchen and bathroom. This unit features an air conditioning unit, an auxiliary heat strip, a microwave, and a built-in refrigerator. It features a dining area that doubles as extra sleeping accommodations. The Bambi also includes a TV and DVD player. It has a bathroom with a toilet and sink and features a wood door with a window.

The Bambi is the lightest travel trailer in the Airstream lineup, making it a popular choice for a weekend warrior or solo travelers. The lightweight construction is compatible with most vehicles and is easy to tow. A reduction in length also makes it easier to park. Its compact size and easy maneuverability make it an ideal vehicle for first-time travelers or tiny-home enthusiasts. If you are interested in purchasing one of these trailers, you can find more information about its features below.

The Bambi Airstream Micro Camper is a single axle, lightweight travel trailer with four-floor plans ranging from 16 to 22 feet long. This model is an excellent choice for those looking for luxury amenities but doesn’t want to drive a large truck or SUV to tow it. It has kitchen and bathroom facilities, a dinette, and LP gas. A comfortable sleeping configuration for four is available in the Bambi.

Price: Starting From $56,500
Dry Weight: 3,500 lbs

Forest River No Boundaries 10.6

best micro campers

Whether you’re looking for a lightweight, portable, or versatile travel trailer, the new No Boundaries by Forest River is the answer. With increased ground clearance and a storage system that adapts to your needs, this RV has an attractive living space and is perfect for any type of road trip. Its small footprint also makes it easy to tow, and it’s easily accessible for different types of RVers.

The No Boundaries travel trailers are made for those looking to take their toys along for the journey. These lightweight units feature the NOBO Nest rooftop tent and are easily towed by four or six-cylinder vehicles.

A nimble suspension system keeps the No Boundaries stable, even on bumpy terrain. It also provides ample storage space for storing outdoor gear and toys. If you’re on a tight budget, consider this toy hauler, which offers ground clearance and sufficient interior space for comfort.

Price: Starting From $28,188
Dry Weight: 1,973 lbs

Highway Basic Micro Camper by Hiker Trailers

best micro campers

The Hiker Trailers Highway Basic Micro Camper is one of the basic models in the Hiker RV line. Its basic amenities include locking curbside doors, operable windows with screens, and a manual roof vent.

It also has one 110-volt plug and power strip. The Highway Basic has vinyl flooring and shelving in the front and back. It can sleep up to four people and has ample space for gear. Hikers can choose from a variety of colors and finishes, and the base model is available in a wide range of sizes, from 4×8 to 5×10.

The Hiker trailers are made in two manufacturing facilities. Hiker’s teardrop experience spans 14 years, and its products range from basic models to bold teardrop campers.

Hiker’s trailers are not prepackaged, which means that they are fully customized and can be tailored to fit a variety of needs. You can choose a model that suits your needs the most, from the 2,000-pound Highway Basic model to the 3,500-pound Extreme Off-Road Deluxe model.

Price: Starting From $2,895
Dry Weight: 2,000 lbs

Winnebago Micro Minnie 1708FB

best micro campers

If you are looking for a compact, lightweight camper, the Micro Minnie 1708FB by Winnebago might be your perfect match. This classic-style travel trailer is only seven feet wide but is packed with features that you will love. With several open floorplans, the Micro Minnie is very easy to maneuver.

The Winnebago Micro Minnie 1708FB is under 20′ wide and is equipped with a fully outfitted interior. This towable comes equipped with a pre-installed AV system and LED TV, plenty of charging points, a comfortable bathroom, and air conditioning. Other features include a power awning with LED lighting. Although this travel trailer is lightweight, it is also a very heavy trailer.

This travel trailer even comes with a fully-functioning kitchen with three burners, LED lighting, and ample cabinetry. The Winnebago Micro Minnie 1708F features a rear entry floor plan. Its interior features a full 3 piece bath, a spacious dinette, and a double-door refrigerator.

It weighs a little over five thousand pounds dry, which makes it easy to tow. It also has plenty of storage, 5/8″ tongue-and-groove plywood floors, and block foam insulation for warmth and durability.

Price: Starting From $38,386
Dry Weight: 5,000 lbs

NuCamp TAG

best micro campers

The TAG Micro Camper by NuCamp is the perfect size for camping trips, whether you’re traveling to a new location or exploring an old one. Designed for easy towing, it comes equipped with a fully equipped kitchen, fridge, and stove. Its exterior can be decked out with optional accessories. For example, a roof rack can accommodate kayaks, and there’s an exposed drawbar for mounting a fishing pole stand.

The TAG is easy to tow and features multiple storage areas, including a large window for stargazing. A rear kitchen galley offers a sink and a two-burner stove. The Boondock Package and solar roof package add an extra foot to the width of the TAG, so you can stay cool while enjoying the view. While you’re on the go, you can use the TAG as a mobile office.

The nuCamp RV company produces several smaller models. Although they tend to specialize in teardrop campers, nuCamp also manufactures luxury travel trailers and clamshell trailers. Although they don’t manufacture Class A motorhomes or toy haulers, nuCamp is doing quite well in the RV market – and plans to introduce a new model soon. The nuCamp Barefoot model is a classic, vintage-style teardrop with modern amenities.

Price: Starting From $17,950
Dry Weight: 1,369 lbs

Rugged Rhino Micro Camper by Tiny Camper Co

micro campers

The Rugged Rhino Micro Camper is a durable, low-profile travel trailer. Made of marine-grade plywood and pine studs, it measures 12 feet long by 6 feet wide and stands at 71 inches tall. The interior includes a rear galley with cabinets and counter space, a 20-quart cooler, and USB ports. It also features a roof deck with a sun awning and a rear door with a window.

The Rugged Rhino Micro Camper by the Tiny Camer Co. is perfect for the outdoorsy person. Its features include all-terrain jeep wheels, marine-grade coating, marine-grade heaters, weather seals, and solar panels for power.

This camper weighs only 850 pounds and is easy to tow with any vehicle. Its cancellation policy is 48 hours, but you can get a full refund if you cancel at least 14 days in advance. Taxes are always refundable, but the service fee is not.

If you want to travel with your friends, a micro camper may be a great option. These tiny travel trailers have all the essential amenities you need, yet they’re small enough to be easily towed behind a standard car or SUV.

These campers also tend to be very affordable, which makes them ideal for the budget-minded outdoorsman. However, many micro campers don’t come with every available add-on, so you may want to consider a few extras before making a final decision.

Price: Starting From $4,650
Dry Weight: 790 lbs

TAXA Outdoors Cricket

micro campers

The TAXA Outdoors Cricket micro campers are designed to be compact and rugged. They offer sleeping arrangements for up to two people and a kitchenette with integrated plumbing and electrical systems.

The rear hatch opens for ventilation, and the interior features LED interior lighting and a 12-volt electrical outlet. The campers are equipped with a shower and toilet, and a pop-up dining table. You can even add an optional berth to provide additional sleeping space.

The TAXA Outdoors Cricket is a small, versatile travel trailer that is easy to tow and transforms into comfortable living space when parked. The TAXA Cricket is built for off-road adventures, thanks to its high-quality materials and features.

Other notable features include a queen-size bed and hidden storage options for kitchenware and other items. These amenities will ensure that you have a comfortable stay during your camping adventures.

Price: Starting From $32,439
Dry Weight: 1,753 lbs

Polydrops P17 Essential

micro campers

The lightweight Polydrops P17 Essential micro camper has an open-galley design that gives you access to the kitchenette from inside the cabin. The interior is light and airy thanks to the minimal color palette.

The unit comes with AC electrical outlets and is equipped with a lithium-ion battery to power all of its built-in electronics. Its lightweight aluminum frame also allows it to be towed easily without losing range.

The interior of the Polydrops P17 Essential is remarkably spacious, with ample storage space and two bathrooms. It has a fully equipped kitchen with a 20-liter fridge drawer and a 1,300-watt induction cooktop.

There is an extra-thick insulation package that increases the R-14 value of the cabin. This allows the unit to stay cooler even when travelling on less-than-ideal roads. The polydrop’s dry weight varies depending on the number of accessories you choose.

The Polydrops P17A is designed with EV towing in mind, with a prototype being able to tow the micro camper as easily as a car. A single charge will provide enough power to tow the lightweight camper 245 miles.

It is reported that Tesla drivers lose fifty percent of their range when towing a heavier trailer. The lightweight camper also stores energy, enabling you to have a longer camping experience. It features 12 kWh batteries and 520-watt solar panels.

The Polydrops P17A holds energy for six nights of climate-controlled camping. A three-inch tri-fold mattress is also included. A climate-controlled kitchenette is also available in the P17A.

Price: Starting From $14,990
Dry Weight: 820 lbs to 1,100 lbs

The Pika by Timberleaf

micro campers

The Pika is a versatile micro camper and can be towed with a passenger car. Its lightweight aluminum construction makes it easy to tow. It has an outdoor kitchen, a double-sized bed, and plenty of storage space.

The Pika is also equipped with a slide-out domestic fridge. It is also equipped with dual USB ports and two extra sliding windows. It weighs less than one thousand pounds.

The Pika by Timberleaf is an excellent example of a micro camper. It is lightweight and has enough room to sleep two people comfortably. Its storage tower holds milk crates and has an optional air conditioner.

It provides extreme ventilation thanks to five swing windows and five additional mesh windows on the upper canopy. It can also be stored in a garage without the need to purchase a larger unit.

Despite its lightweight design, the Pika by Timberleaf is a sturdy micro camper. It weighs almost one thousand pounds, and it boasts a sleek aluminum top and bottom.

The streamlined aesthetic is guaranteed to last the life of the trailer, and the spartan finish blends in perfectly with its surroundings. Its simple style is perfect for use in the high-altitude mountainous backcountry or along forest roads.

Price: Starting From $14,520
Dry Weight: 1,025 lbs

Little Guy MyPod

micro campers

The Little Guy MyPod micro camper is made for smaller tow vehicles. Its fiberglass-molded body and ultra-lightweight frame make it easy to drive and tow. The MyPod has a full/double bed, integrated window style air conditioner, and light storage space for all of your camping essentials.

It even has a TV that converts to a DVD player for entertainment while you camp. You can also choose whether or not you want to include a stereo system.

The MyPod micro camper is an 11-foot-long and five-foot-wide fiberglass “egg” that sleeps two adults and a small child. A built-in entertainment center is a plus and can sleep up to three people.

There are window shades and a small generator platform for electricity. Little Guy Trailers makes towable micro campers as well. You can tow the MyPod with any four-cylinder vehicle.

Price: Starting From $16,790
Dry Weight: 840 lbs

Sylvan Sport GO

The Sylvan Sport GO is a versatile, pop-up trailer for a variety of outdoor activities. The lightweight unit tows easily and has a license plate approved by the DMV. It can carry up to twelve boats and can carry up to 800 pounds of cargo.

When you’re not camping, the Sylvan Sport GO is a convenient vehicle for hauling gear. It also makes for an excellent travel trailer for your next road trip.

The SylvanSport GO’s tent pops up and folds out into a tented area, making it ideal for families. The tented area is 6.5 feet tall and offers two benches and a table.

The dining area easily converts to a king-size bed with storage beneath. The king-size sleeping area can accommodate two adults and two children. The Sylvan Sport GO also has a storage area with a drain plug.

This camper also features a soft-sided pop-up that makes it convenient for hauling heavy items. Its built-in lift mechanism makes it easy to raise and lower the lid. The lightweight aluminum body is equipped with a torsion axle to facilitate easy towing. The SylvanSport GO can be pulled behind a smaller car, and it is capable of pulling a standard SUV.

Price: Starting From $10,995
Dry Weight: 840 lbs

Happier Camper HC1

The new HC1 studio from Happier Camper combines all of the advantages of a home-on-wheels with the convenience of a traditional home. This micro camper weighs only 1,500 pounds and has a bathroom with a dry-flush toilet.

It also has a full kitchenette, including a double-burner stove, battery-powered fridge, and the Adaptiv system. The HC1 comes in a wide array of colors and includes everything from a satellite TV to an outdoor shower. Prices begin at $49,000, which is not so bad, but you may need to cut down on features if you want a smaller, more personal micro camper.

The HC1 is the flagship trailer from Happier Camper. It comes in two flavors, with or without the Adaptiv system. The HC1 is 10 feet long and weighs a little over a thousand pounds. It can be towed with just about any vehicle with a trailer hitch.

This camper can sleep five people on one level and has ample storage space and counter space for cooking and eating. It is also compact enough to fit into one parking space.

Price: Starting From $34,450
Dry Weight: 800 lbs to 1,000 lbs

Hiker Trailer Highway Deluxe

The Hiker Trailer Highway Deluxe Micro Camper is a great choice for an off-road adventure. The lightweight micro camper is well-suited to both highway driving and off-roading, and comes in three sizes. The trailer is built on a powder-coated steel frame and features a stabilizer jack and a pass-through door. There are several options for battery and solar panel size, as well as tank capacity.

Unlike traditional campers, the Hiker Trailer is small and easy to tow. Hiker Trailer owners enjoy the customization they can get from the unit. They can add an awning or roof tent to make it their own. They also love the fact that the trailers are relatively inexpensive compared to RVs. But keep in mind that they are not as spacious as a full RV and do not offer the amenities of a full-size RV.

The Hiker Trailer is lightweight, weighing about three tons. Its exterior is 57 inches tall. Its bed is a 35×79 inch or 110×39-inch teardrop. The interior features a table and under-bed storage. At night, the table converts into a full-sized mattress. The floor-to-ground height is 20 inches. The trailer is 57 inches high.

Price: Starting From $5,995
Dry Weight: 1,270 lbs

Who Are Micro Campers For?

best micro campers

If you’re in the market for a new travel trailer, you might be wondering, “Who are micro campers for?” These tiny RVs are small enough to tow with a small SUV or truck. But unlike larger RVs, micro campers are much lighter and much smaller than their larger counterparts.

In fact, many of them weigh less than two thousand pounds. While they may lack all of the amenities of a full-sized RV, micro campers are perfect for one or two people. Not to mention that you don’t need a huge vehicle to tow them.

Because micro campers are small, they are easy to drive and can fit in underground car parks. Most of them have storage compartments, making them extremely convenient to carry.

When compared to traditional camping tents, they don’t take up nearly as much space. Despite being small, micro campers are large in style and can accommodate a queen-size mattress. Moreover, their small size makes them easy to stealth camp!

A micro camper is the perfect travel companion for those who don’t feel comfortable driving a large RV. They’re small enough to be maneuvered by hand and can fit anywhere you need them. They’re also an ideal option for people on a budget.

Unlike other RVs, micro campers are inexpensive to purchase and operate. And the maintenance cost is low, as they require little maintenance. There are many reasons to consider a micro camper when planning a trip.

Are Micro Campers Good?

best micro campers

Are Micro Campers Good? These mini travel trailers offer all the comfort and convenience of an original camper, without the high price tag. Unlike the average RV, micro campers can be towed by any standard car. This makes them an excellent choice for people who want to experience the great outdoors. But do they fit the lifestyle of a full-time RVer? Here are some reasons to choose one over the other.

First of all, micro campers are small and light, so they don’t take up much space. They’re also easier to drive and park and they’re often small enough to fit in underground car parks.

Second, they’re easy to pack, unlike a tent, which requires extensive planning and preparation. However, a micro camper is convenient because it has everything you need, including storage compartments for camping gear.

Another benefit to a micro camper is their affordability. Since they’re so lightweight, they’re easy to tow and can cost as little as a thousand dollars. If you’re a DIY-er, you can easily build a micro camper for under a thousand dollars.

Moreover, you’ll be able to add interesting features, such as a propane mount or awning. You can also find a lot of different options on the internet.

If you’re looking for a mini-camper, you’ll be happy to know that there are a few brands that cater to the needs of those who like to travel light. The Scamp Standard 13′, for example, has a bathroom, a dinette that converts into a double bed, and a galley with a refrigerator. A standard 13′ also has a 12-gallon water tank and a cooking area with a stove, sink, and icebox.

Is a Micro Camper Worth It?

While a micro camper can be expensive, you can often piece one together for under a thousand dollars. Compared to a full-sized RV, a micro camper is incredibly flexible and can fit into small areas.

They can be a great choice for solo travelers and can access places that larger rigs cannot. To save money on materials, look for used materials and scrap metal in yard sales.

Micro campers are affordable, starting at around three to four thousand dollars. You may want to invest in a few extras such as a mattress, a refrigerator, or fabric storage. You’ll also want to make sure your car has a ball hitch for towing.

If you’re willing to spend that much money, a fully loaded micro camper may cost as little as 7000 dollars. For that price, you can expect to get more comfort and luxury. Some micro campers even have solar power or other features.

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