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The Best Springs Near Orlando

The Best Springs Near Orlando Internationalwomenstravelcenter For an afternoon of swimming, explore the many springs near Orlando. You can find a great variety of wildlife, from fish to turtles. Many of these springs have birds and other creatures to watch out for, too. While snakes and alligators are rare, visitors should be aware of their surroundings. If you’re not sure which springs are right for you, contact the springs’ staff to inquire about the local fauna.

When looking for the best springs near Orlando, Florida, you can visit the Ocala National Forest. There are two springs near Orlando – Juniper Springs and Alexander Springs. Both are family favorites, with unique attractions. Read on to learn more about each location. If you’re in the area, you’ll want to spend at least one day exploring these natural springs. You’ll find plenty to do near Orlando!


Green Springs

The Best Springs Near Orlando


The green sulfur spring in Green Springs Park is one of the attractions here. Once a 19th-century health resort, this park is now a public park in Enterprise, Florida. The area also has notable archeological sites. For visitors who want a refreshing dip, the park is home to a water slide, and you can also go horseback riding. You can even hike around the spring to see the eponymous spring.

In addition to the park, there are several emerald-colored springs you can enjoy at Green Spring Park. This 36-acre natural oasis also boasts a playground, rest rooms, and a picnic pavilion. Bicycle and hiking trails are also available for the adventurous type. The springs themselves are beautiful and have a fascinating history. Green Springs is a beautiful place to visit, and there’s no need to make reservations if you want to enjoy them.

A visit to Green Springs will leave you feeling refreshed and full of good vibes. If you have a passion for horses, you’ll definitely enjoy a stroll along the scenic trails. The emerald-green lakes are a perfect spot to take a break from all the excitement. You can even visit a nearby horse-riding track. The green Springs area is also known for its plethora of horseback riding trails.

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Emerald Cut

The Best Springs Near Orlando

If you’re looking for a relaxing and exciting way to get out of the city, head to Emerald Cut springs near Orlando. Known for crystal clear water, this spring is perfect for paddling. The stream bed is surrounded by lush tropical greenery, making it easy to see all of your surroundings. You can even paddle through the Emerald Cut’s swimming hole. The emerald green water is so inviting and refreshing, and you can explore this hidden oasis without having to leave Orlando.

You’ll find the Emerald Cut in Rock Springs Run, just south of Kings Landing. Emerald Cut features shallow and deep sections of the spring, and the current is fast. There are many places to rest along the way. If you’re a first-timer, try a shorter trip, or go back a second time to enjoy the scenery. You can also rent kayaks and canoes if you’d like.

Devil’s Den

The Best Springs Near Orlando

You can enjoy a relaxing weekend near Orlando by visiting Devil’s Den springs. This privately owned springs and caves is a unique karst window. In addition to being a natural attraction, the springs and caves are also used for SCUBA diving training. The natural beauty of Devil’s Den will certainly make your day. Here are a few fun things to do in the area:

Guests can stay at cabins, RV sites, tent sites, and lodges in Devil’s Den. Prices range from $22 per night for an adult to $50 per night for a family of four. You can also book a monthly stay if you want to save money. Cabins are available for rent but you must be 21 years old to book one. You can also camp overnight in one of the campgrounds.

After making your reservations, you can explore the springs. It is open 364 days a year, except Christmas Day. Admission is $15 per person on weekdays and $22 on weekends. If you choose to snorkel, make sure to bring a swimsuit with you to prevent hypothermia. Be sure to bring a towel and a swimsuit for your trip because the water temperature drops significantly below 72 degrees.

Rainbow Springs

The Best Springs Near Orlando

One of the most popular activities in the summer at Rainbow Springs is tubing down the Rainbow River. Renting tubes at KP Hole County Park costs $10 and includes a return shuttle. The park is open May 1 to September 30. Tubing lasts two hours. There are several tubing companies in the area. Renting tubes requires no experience, and the tubes are clean and safe. Visitors are permitted to bring their own tubes, but tubing is not allowed in the headsprings.

One of the best things about Rainbow Springs is the pristine water. The temperature is always 72 degrees, and it’s a great place to see all sorts of wildlife. You can watch them from the water, in boats, or from elevated boardwalks. Visitors can also hike through the park and explore the different ecological habitats. Admission costs only $6 per vehicle with two or more people and $4 for single occupant vehicles. Another great attraction is the KP Hole, which is the best place to float downstream. The spring is so pristine, you can jump off of tree limbs and even frolic in the water.

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Gilchrist Blue Springs

The Best Springs Near Orlando

There are many great places to swim around Orlando, but Gilchrist Blue Springs may be the best. This Florida state park is known for its clear, blue water and stunning natural springs. There are many activities here, including diving and snorkeling. Wildlife lovers and bird watchers can also take advantage of the beautiful scenery. There is even a leaping platform on the beach, so you can enjoy the water year-round.

The water at Gilchrist Blue Springs is safe to swim in, but swimmers should avoid swimming at dusk, as there is a chance of encountering an alligator. Swimming in the spring is permitted, but you should report sightings to the park staff immediately. While Gilchrist Blue Springs are the best springs near Orlando, Blue Spring State Park is the closest. It’s also popular for seeing tons of manatees, especially in winter. There is even a manatee count done daily.

Gilchrist Blue Springs State Park is open to the public 8 AM to sunset daily and is dog-friendly. While dogs are allowed on the park grounds, they aren’t permitted in the swimming area. If you plan on visiting this park during the summer months, you should plan your trip early, as it tends to fill up quickly. Once the park reaches its capacity, the gate will close. Visitors can explore the spring’s natural habitats and observe wildlife up close from the water or on a boardwalk. To access the park, it costs $6 for a vehicle that contains two to eight people, or $4 for single-occupant vehicles. Another great spring near Orlando is the Rainbow Springs State Park, an hour and a half drive from Orlando. It has a history dating back more than 10,000 years.

Ginnie Springs

The Best Springs Near Orlando

If you’re looking for the most crystal-clear water in the Florida Keys, Ginnie Spring is a must-see attraction. The springs are made up of seven separate pools with limestone and sand bottoms, as well as deep caves. Ginnie Springs is the world’s premier freshwater diving spot, and Jacques Cousteau even dived in the waters here in 1974. The spring is a great place for swimming and tubing and is located on more than 200 acres of wooded land.

For a closer natural spring near Orlando, visit Blue Spring State Park. This state park is located just 45 minutes from downtown Orlando. The park is open to the public and has many picnic pavilions and concession stands. It is a popular destination and offers more than a 100 million gallons of water per day. Regardless of the spring you choose, be prepared to spend some money – both in terms of time and money.


Salt Springs

The Best Springs Near Orlando

This natural spa draws visitors to its mineral-rich water and its temperature of 74 degrees. It was named “Salt Springs” because early tourists believed that its slight salinity cured their ailments. In addition to the water itself, Salt Springs offers access to Lake George, the second largest lake in Florida. The spring offers prime fishing, and a campground with RV hookups. The natural spa is a great place to relax after a day of shopping or sightseeing.

The mineral springs in Florida have crystal clear waters. Visitors can swim where mastodons once roamed. The springs also offer cave diving and glass bottom boat tours. The water is so clear that visitors can see manatees and alligators. Swimming is permitted in these springs, but most of the state parks do not allow re-entry. You can, however, rent a kayak rentals.

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Silver Springs

The Best Springs Near Orlando

If you are looking for the best springs near Orlando, you will find that the Rainbow and Silver Springs are the most popular. The sapphire waters here have long been a favorite of native Floridians, who believed that the water had healing powers. The headspring of the springs is a huge swimming area with limestone and sandy bottoms. You can go scuba diving, tubing, or just relax and enjoy the scenery.

Also, you can rent canoes and kayaks at Silver Springs State Park, and you can even take a guided tour. You can also go canoeing and kayaking in the Silver River, which is only five miles downstream. You can also explore the 15-mile nature trail that meanders through swamps, pine forests, and oak hammocks. These trails are well-maintained, but they do have some sand, so you should bring fat-tired bikes.

Kelly Park, located forty minutes north of Orlando, is a popular natural park. The park includes Rock Springs. You can swim, kayak, and enjoy a lazy river run at Kelly Park. The Devil’s Den is a mystical spring in Florida. It is a natural park with crystal clear water, and the geology is fascinating. A wooden staircase is the only way to enter the Devil’s Den, which is also a great place to practice scuba diving.

Wekiva Falls

The Best Springs Near Orlando

If you’re looking for a natural spring to cool off during the hot summer months, then you should take a trip to Wekiva Falls. This sulphur spring is capped off and flows into a man-made lagoon and the nearby Wekiva River. The spring is surrounded by a man-made apron and is popular with visitors during hot weather. It also offers a water slide and picnic pavilions.

The spring is situated in the Ocala National Forest, and it is an archaeological site. There are shell mounds that indicate a major Timucuan Indian settlement, and fossilized snail shells are found in middens along the shores. Locals claim that the water at Clear Springs is the clearest, and it is shallower than most springs. If you have kids, you may want to take them here to learn about the local wildlife.

Wekiva Falls is another great place for families. It was once home to the first water-powered sugar mill in Florida. You can still get breakfast at the Sugar Mill Restaurant, where you can cook pancakes on a table top griddle. However, you’ll have to wait for your turn, so make sure to arrive early. The park is home to a lush subtropical landscape, and the spring produces 7 million gallons of water each day. There’s a shallow end and a deeper end for your family to swim.

De Leon Springs State Park

The Best Springs Near Orlando

The natural hot spring at De Leon Springs State Park is over six thousand years old. Originally called Acuera by the Mayaca Indians, this spring is set in the subtropical forest and contains a massive old-growth bald cypress tree. The spring run is used to power a sugar cane mill, and later a grist mill that turns corn into flour.

The water-powered Sugar Mill is a historic landmark that is open to visitors. During the Civil War, this spring was used to grind corn and sugar cane. The Sugar Mill Restaurant serves delicious breakfast and lunch fare. Guests can even cook their own pancakes at the tables with built-in griddles. At the Sugar Mill Restaurant, you can even try your hand at fishing or cooking pancakes.

Silver Springs is another natural spring that is located just outside Orlando. This spring is famous for glass-bottom boat tours that let visitors view the water from the bottom. You can also rent clear kayaks to enjoy the spring’s crystal clear waters. In addition to the glass-bottom boat tours, you can explore historic structures and enjoy the natural beauty of the park. The main spring is surrounded by beautiful gardens. There are also hiking trails and old forts for your enjoyment.

Kelly Park/Rock Springs

The Best Springs Near Orlando

Visit the free-flowing natural spring at Kelly Park/Rock Springs, Arkansas. There are picnic pavilions and a playground to enjoy. Tube rentals are available from vendors outside the park. Swim noodles and floats are also available for rent. The park closes one hour before sunset. Be sure to check the weather forecast, as inclement weather can affect operations. If lightning strikes, the swimming area will be closed. For those with children, the park offers tent camping.

The cost to visit the rock springs and pools at Kelly Park/Rock Springs is very reasonable. Entrance to the park is only $3 for two people, $5 for three to eight people, and $1 per person after eight. There is no alcohol at Kelly Park/Rock Springs. For more information, check the website. To plan your visit, check the weather forecast and prepare yourself for the crowds. There are plenty of things to do at Kelly Park/Rock Springs.

Wekiwa Springs

The Best Springs Near Orlando

If you’re planning a trip to Orlando this summer, one of the best places to get some fresh air is a visit to one of the many springs in Florida. Apopka, Florida’s Wekiwa Springs State Park is just minutes from downtown Orlando. The water here is consistently 72 degrees year-round, making it ideal for swimming, kayaking, and paddleboarding. It’s also a popular spot for wildlife viewing.

Wekiwa Springs is located in Wekiwa Springs, Florida, and is easily accessible by car. You will need to pay a small admission fee to access the springs, but once inside you can swim and relax. You can also spend some time exploring the boardwalk trail and swimming area. To explore the park, you can purchase a map from the entrance. Here are some tips to plan your trip to Wekiwa Springs:

When planning a trip to Wekiwa Springs, remember that there are a few things to consider before you visit. First, it’s important to be aware of wildlife in the springs. Many springs in Orlando are home to a variety of animals, including turtles, fish, and a wide variety of birds. Keep an eye out for alligators and snakes. You don’t want to accidentally touch them, but be sure to tell the staff before entering the springs.

Silver Glen Springs

The Best Springs Near Orlando


Located at the end of Silver Glen Run is the popular swimming area of Silverglen Springs. You can access this area by boat, land, or water. The water temperature is consistently 73 degrees, and the spring water is crystal-clear and sandy. It is a popular swimming area, and you are likely to see local boaters taking advantage of this great natural feature. The swimming area is open from 7am to 5pm daily.

The area surrounding Silverglen Springs contains over 22 acres of water. This waterway funnels 3,300 feet into Lake George, the second largest lake in Florida. The spring is an important archaeological site. In fact, the large mounds behind fences were considered sacred by Native Americans. If you visit during the winter, you might have a chance to see manatees and other aquatic creatures. There are also several picnic tables and charcoal grills at the area.

Since Silverglen Springs is not a state park, the cost to visit is slightly higher than the typical theme park. Day visitors can enter the recreation area for seven dollars per person on weekdays, and ten dollars on weekends. These prices are exclusive of taxes. If you’d like to use the park a few times a year, you can purchase an annual day pass for $70 plus tax. While you’re there, be sure to plan your visit accordingly.

Blue Spring State Park

The Best Springs Near Orlando

While visiting the Blue Springs State Park, keep in mind that it is not an actual spring, but an artificial reservoir that contains water. There are no swimsuits or canoes allowed, but the water does offer plenty of fun. You can watch manatees and alligators and observe birds, too. If you’d like to go paddling in the spring, you can take a guided river boat tour.

The spring at Blue Springs is so large that it is home to dozens of manatees and other wildlife. In the winter, the spring is closed to visitors, but in the summer, you’ll find manatees frolicking in the water. The park also offers swimming, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, and river boat tours. Blue Spring is one of the best springs near Orlando.

A two-hour nature tour will provide you with a wealth of information about the park’s surroundings and the ecology. It is arguably Florida’s most popular nature tour, and it is a great way to learn about the natural features of Blue Spring and its surrounding areas. You can sit in the canopy of the boat, which offers 360-degree views. This tour is especially ideal for families and groups with kids, as there’s a lot to see.

Juniper Springs

The Best Springs Near Orlando

The Civilian Conservation Corps built the beautiful and peaceful Juniper Spring recreation area in the 1930s. It features a campground, swimming area, and rotating water mill. There’s also a seven-mile canoe and kayak trail and crumbling chimneys in the surrounding forest. Nearby, you’ll find a working wooden waterwheel. Camping is permitted, but you’ll be charged $31 per night.

For those traveling by car, Juniper Springs is a popular stop for naturalists. The natural spring is home to hundreds of small bubbling and larger springs. Visitors can take a dip in the crystal clear water and picnic in the surrounding area. You can also rent a canoe and paddle down the seven-mile Juniper Run. Juniper Springs is just an hour outside of Orlando. The state park also has camping options.

The park is surrounded by dense, tropical forests, and features interesting wildlife. While you’re there, you can spot an albino gray squirrel near the Mill House, otters playing along the spring run, and American eels migrating from the Sargasso Sea. The spring has several natural pools, including a crystalline pool created by the outflow of the spring. There are shallow and deep sections of the water, making it a great place for both swimming and relaxing.

Alexander Springs

The Best Springs Near Orlando

The swimming holes in Florida have been popular for over 10,000 years and Alexander Springs are no exception. The vast expanse of water in a natural setting is ideal for families to enjoy a refreshing swim. This area was once used by the ancient Timucuan tribe for cooling off. The clear water and pristine sandy bottom make for great family fun. The springs are also close to picnic areas and are open year round.

The campground at Alexander Springs offers more campsites than in Florida’s state parks. It also includes bear boxes, a lantern hanging pole, and charcoal barbecue grills. However, electrical hookups are not available. Most RVs and travel trailers will run generators, generating unwanted exhaust fumes and noise. You can also enjoy the springs by canoeing and kayaking. For additional amenities, there are several other resorts and hotels within the area.

The state park at the springs is open all year, though the busiest time is January through May. To avoid the crowded springs, you may want to visit during off-peak hours. Parking is limited, so it’s recommended to arrive early. The park has limited parking, but is well worth the effort. When you visit, make sure to bring plenty of money as parking is limited. A yearly pass will save you a lot of money.

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