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Top 5 Hot Springs in Texas We Recommend to Visit in 2023

Texas is one of the popular choices for finding hot springs in the United States. The state has several hot springs that are unique to the southern part of the state.

This vast state has many interesting places to visit. In addition to having several large cities, it also has a very rich landscape.

There are many challenging natural destinations for adventurers to explore this country. One of them is a hot spring destination, although it is not popular but you can find it in this country of Texas.

While not as many as in Montana or any other state in the Southwestern United States, Texas has at least 5 truly special places. So, you should add hot springs to your itinerary when visiting Texas.


About Texas

Texas is the second largest state in the United States after Alaska by population and area. With an area of ​​696,200 square kilometers, Texas is the largest state in the mainland United States.

Texas is located in the South-Central United States with its capital city being Austin, bordering the State of Oklahoma and the State of Arkansas to the north. The State of Arkansas and the State of Louisiana to the east, the State of Mexico to the South and the State of New Mexico to the West.

This country has the nickname “Lone Star State” to mark that Texas is an independent republic. Its area stretches from the southern United States to the southwestern United States.

Some of the major cities in Texas are Houston, San Antonio, Dallas–Fort Worth, Greater Houston, El Paso and Austin, the capital of this state. Some of Texas’ top sights include the Texas State Capitol, River Walk, Waco Suspension Bridge, AT&T Stadium, and the Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District.

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Top Hot Springs in Texas

Texas is a state that is densely populated and has a large area. This country has many hidden natural treasures, one of which is hot springs.

Although there are not many hot springs that you can find, some of them are destinations worth visiting. Here are some places to soak in hot springs that you can visit while on vacation to Texas.

Barton Springs Municipal Pool – Austin, Texas

Hot Springs in Texas - Barton Springs pool

Barton Springs is one of the oldest and most popular hot springs in Austin, Texas for natural area swimming. Even this hot spring has been a tourist attraction for swimming since the mid-19th century.

In the past, Native Americans used the area as a sacred and spiritual place since the 17th century. Then Andrew Zilker, the last owner of the land gave it to the city of Austin in 1918, to build a more significant pool area and pathway.

Very affordable location, just minutes from downtown Austin, located in Zilker Park. Barton Springs Pool is a natural mineral spring pool, a popular place to cool off during the summer.

This swimming area is about 900 feet long and reaches a depth of up to 18 feet. The water is untreated and the water temperature generally stays around 68-70℉.

Barton Springs Pool is open all year round, no matter how cold or hot it is outside. There are plenty of tree-covered picnic areas around the pool.

You don’t need a reservation to visit or swim in these springs. However Barton Springs Pol is only open on certain days of the week, so it’s best to check their website before going.

Another important thing is that this area is a protected habitat for the endangered Barton Springs salamander. There are changing rooms and bathrooms by the pool, entry fee is required.


Barton Springs has no associated official accommodation, but the location is very close south of downtown Austin. You can easily find hotels, Airbnb, and VRBO to stay nearby. T

Zilker Park also has large cabins to rent for overnight stays which are ideal for large groups. There is also a summer camp program available for kids and Austin residents on the property as well.

Barton Springs Map

Below is the location of Barton Springs Municipal Poo on a map. You can get directions easily because the map is already linked to google.

Address: 2201 William Barton Dr, Austin, TX 78746, United States
Open hours: Open daily 05.00 –22.00
Phone: +1 512-974-6300

Krause Springs – Spicewood, Texas

Hot Springs in Texas - Krause Springs Spicewood

Krause Springs is a 115-acre park and campground, one of the most popular natural swimming areas in the state. The property has been privately owned by the Krause Family for over 50 years, but is also registered with the National Registry of Historic Sites.

It is located in the beautiful Spicewood hill country, about a 30-mile or 45-minute drive from downtown Austin. Kruse Spring offers plenty of space for visitors to have fun in the great outdoors.

There are forest parks, campgrounds, 32 natural springs, swimming holes, trails, waterfalls and more. The property also has a large cement hot tub as well as a hot spring lagoon with a waterfall.

The cement hot tub has a water temperature of about 72*F and the lagoon water temperature of about 80*F. Pool water generally comes from the 32 springs above, and the water temperature is stable throughout the year.

There are large granite boulders surrounding pool, making it a great place to sunbathe or take a break from swimming. And the pool area has plenty of tree canopy shade to set up a hangout for the day.

Krause springs are not pet friendly, leave your pet at home when planning a trip there. Make sure to bring cash as their credit card machines often don’t work all the time.

You can bring your own drink and food, make sure you don’t bring it in a glass container. The pool has bathrooms and showers available on the property, clothing is not optional.

Make sure everyone coming here knows how to swim, because there is no lifeguard on duty. Krause Springs is open most of the year, they are closed from December 1 to the end of February for maintenance.


Krause springs camping

This property has several facilities for on-site use for people spending the day. There are 24 RV sites with barbecue, water and electricity facilities available.

Krause Springs Map

Below is the location of Krause Springs on the map, you can get directions if you want to visit.

Address: 424 Co Rd 404, Spicewood, TX 78669, United States
Open hours: Open Daily 09.00–20.00
Phone: +1 401-236-7554

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Chinati Hot Springs – Presidio, Texas

Hot Springs in Texas - Chinati Hot Springs

Chinati Hot Springs is a rural hot springs resort located in West Texas, hidden in the Chihuahuan Desert. The resort is also known as Ruidosa Hot Springs or Kingston Hot Springs, a charming destination that has received international attention.

This historic volcanic hot springs and oasis location is north of Ruidosa, Texas in the Big Bend region of the Chihuahuan Desert, near the town of Presidio. It will take you about 5 hours driving from El Paso, see the map below for directions.

At first, this property belonged to minimalist sculptor Donald Judd and later a non-profit organization bought it. Today the natives of Texas bought this resort, and turned it into a must-visit destination.

Hot Springs in Texas - Chinati Hot Springs public pool

Chianti Hot Springs in west Texas has an outdoor hot spring pool, public hot springs, and private hot springs in the cabin. The water temperature in hot springs is around 112 degrees, outdoor pools are around 85 to 95 degrees and public hot springs are around 95 to 102 degrees.

What’s interesting is that you can also drink mineral water here while staying. Chinati is a pet friendly destination, you are welcome to bring a dog or cat but must always keep an eye on them.


Chinati hot springs cabin

Tent camping is no longer permitted however There are eight unique country cabins in Chianti. The cabin can accommodate from two to twenty people.

Each guest has access to a community kitchen with an outdoor grill. But they need to bring their own food, drink and charcoal.

There is no Wi-Fi or cable at the property, and a reservation is required to have access to the water.

Chinati Hot Springs Map

Visiting this secluded resort takes a bit of adventure, as the last 20 miles of road is dirt, but it’s still worth the drive. For more details see the location of Krause Springs on the map below.

You can get directions easily because the map is already linked to google.

Address: 1 Hot Springs Rd, Presidio, TX 79845, United States
Open hours: Open daily 09.00–18.30
Phone: +1 432-229-4165

Visit site | Book a room

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Jacob’s Well Natural Area – Wimberley, Texas

Hot Springs in Texas - Jacob's Well Natural Area top view

Jacob’s Well Natural Area spans over 81 acres in Wimberly. To get there, it’s about 35 miles southwest or less than an hour if you drive from Austin.

The well is the second largest and fully submerged underground cave system in the state of Texas. It has a total length of over 5,000 feet with the deepest part of the well dropping as far as 140 feet.

This hot spring well is a great stop and getaway destination to reconnect with the great outdoors in Central Texas. The water source flows all year round and the water temperature stays around 68℉.

Hot Springs in Texas - Jacob's Well Natural Area

To enter this water area you need to pay an entrance ticket except for children aged four years and under. This well is for daily use only and closes at 6 pm.

There is no accommodation or camping in this area, no one can enter after 5:30 pm. This area will reopen at 8 am every day. Make sure you can swim because there is no lifeguard on duty.

If you want to stay nearby, you have a choice of several hotels less than five miles away. This hot spring in central Texas doesn’t allow you to bring pets, alcohol and glass either.


Camp Ben McCulloch near Jacob's Well Natural Area

Jacob’s Well Natural Area has no associated accommodation and does not allow you to camp on site. If you want to spend the night near the area, you can visit several nearby campgrounds.

There are several campgrounds less than 10 miles away, including: Camp Ben McCulloch and Recreation Plantation Camp Ground.

Jacob’s Well Natural Area Map

Below is the location of Jacob’s Well Natural Area on a map. You can get directions easily because the map is already linked to google.

Address: 1699 Mt Sharp Rd, Wimberley, TX 78676, United States
Open hours: Open daily 08.00–18.00
Phone: +1 512-214-4593

Big Bend Hot Springs (Langford Hot Springs)

Big bend hot springs - Texas

Big Bend Hot Springs, are remnants of the historic Langford Baths that operated more than 100 years ago. The hot springs, also known as Boquillas Hot Springs, are located near the Rio Grande River in Big Bend National park.

Big Bend Hot Springs has a large cement tub, with a water temperature of about 104 degrees. There is no fee to enter the water, but you must pay a ticket to enter Big Bend National safe.

This hot tub is only for daytime use, you can’t camp overnight. This hot spring is pet friendly but it is not allowed to enter the pool area and you have to tie it up.

Clothing is not optional and alcoholic beverages are not allowed. Visitors to the springs can also bring their own food as long as they don’t use glass containers.

The hot spring location is very accessible, you can drive directly to Big Bend National Park and park at the end of the trail. Then tourists have to hike a short 0.5 mile trail of trails or just 1 mile round trip.


Big Bend hot springs has no associated accommodation right near the springs and camping is also not permitted on site. But Big Bend National Park has several campgrounds within its area as an alternative.

Among them are Rio Grande Village Campground & RV Campground, Twisted Shoe Campground, and Croton Spring Primitive Roadside Camp.

Big Bend Hot Springs Map

Below is the location of Big Bend Hot Springs on a map. You can get directions easily because the map is already linked to google.

Address: Big Bend National Park, TX 79834-0129, United States
Phone: +1 432-477-2251

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