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Montecito Hot Springs – Most Natural Hot Springs in Santa Barbara

Montecito hot spring is most natural spring in santa barbara

We’ll invite you to explore all the great things about Montecito Hot Springs, the most natural hot springs in Santa Barbara, California. Maybe some of you have heard of Montecito’s hot springs for the first time, and maybe some of you have visited them. Montecito Hot Springs, also known as “Hot Springs Canyon”, is a natural springs area with several …

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Best Hot Springs In New York We Recommend to Visit

Best Hot Springs In New York - Saratoga hot springs

Looking for the best hot springs in New York state? We have information from trusted local guides who can easily help you find all the best natural hot springs in the state of New York. A little historical fact that you may not know is that in the 1800s, New York was famous for its amazing hot springs hotels. More …

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