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16 Best Thrift Stores In NYC You Need To Check Out

If you’re looking for great thrift store deals, New York City has many options. Thrift stores in NYC are some of the best places to find bargain items.

Some are vast warehouses with countless items, while others specialize in a narrow range of items. Some offer buy-sell-trade opportunities, making them even more convenient.

Thrift stores are perfect for people who love to save money. They offer a wide variety of items that can be used in various ways, and all of the thrift stores in New York City are amazing.

So whether you’re looking for a specific item or just want to browse, there is sure to be one that is perfect for you. Read on to discover the best thrift stores in New York City.


Best Thrift Stores in NYC

Loveday 31 Vintage, Astoria

best thrift stores in nyc

If you’re looking for a unique vintage clothing store, Loveday 31 Vintage may be just what you’re looking for. Located on the busy block of 31st Avenue in Astoria, Queens, this vintage clothing store specializes in 70s disco and a wide selection of women’s apparel and accessories.

Its name comes from the fact that the shop is a mixture of retro and modern, and it’s no wonder why the place is packed every night! This store is one of the best thrift stores in NYC.

The boutique specializes in preloved designer clothing and shoes. The store stocks everything from Donna Reed-flowered ’50s dresses to punk-rock princess ’80s outfits and Gatsby-era headbands.

It’s worth a visit if you’re in the mood for vintage pieces at affordable prices. And if you’re looking for a unique gift idea, there’s no better place to go than Astoria, Queens!

Location: 33-06 31st Ave, Queens, NY 11106

10 ft Single by Stella Dallas, Williamsburg

best thrift stores in nyc

If you’re looking for directions to 10 ft Single by Stella Dallas, you’ll find the best way to find it is to use a free transit app like Moovit. This store is one of the best thrift stores in NYC.

The advantages of buying used clothing are obvious. Not only are you helping the environment, but you’ll also find some unique items, and you’ll save money!

Then, you can spend the money at 10 ft Single by Stella Dallas, which has a 4.3 rating on Nice local.

Location: 285 N 6th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Phone: 718-486-9487

Beacon’s Closet, Greenpoint

best thrift stores in nyc

If you’re looking for a unique place to shop for your clothes in Brooklyn, try Beacon’s Closet in Greenpoint. This vintage clothing warehouse is moving to a new location in Greenpoint at the end of the year. This store is one of the best thrift stores in NYC.

The landlord had raised the rent exponentially, and Beacon’s Closet was priced out of its current location. While they’re currently searching for a new location, they plan to reopen by 3/8.

Also, While shopping at Beacon’s Closet, keep in mind that vintage clothing has been around for a long time. While it’s easy to buy a good t-shirt at any vintage store, the quality of the material is often inferior.

Heavyweight cotton t-shirts are thick, have a boxy silhouette, and are made from a different fabric than light-weight cotton t-shirts.

Location: 74 Guernsey St, Brooklyn, NY 11222
Phone: 718-486-0816
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Sunnyside Thrift Shop, Sunnyside

best thrift stores in nyc

A second-hand clothing and footwear shop, Sunnyside Thrift Store in Queens, has a large selection of items at a low price. The store employs women who have served time in prison and provides job experience for them. This store is one of the best thrift stores in NYC.

In addition to selling quality pre-owned items, Sunnyside Thrift Shop in Queens offers online shopping. If you live in the area, you can visit their store in person or browse their selection of pre-owned items online.

Location: 45-12 Greenpoint Ave, Queens, NY 11104
Phone: 718-786-7780

The Salvation Army

Another thrift store in New York City is the Salvation Army. There are several locations throughout the city, and each one offers a wide range of items at discounted prices.

In Sunnyside, the Salvation Army is located and you can find a wide variety of clothing, jewelry, and other items for an affordable price. This store is one of the best thrift stores in NYC.

The Salvation Army also has many thrift stores in the borough of Queens, including Sunnyside Thrift. The shop is a popular place to find pre-loved vintage clothing and vintage furniture.

Location: 39-11 61st St, Queens, NY 11377
Phone: 800-728-7825
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Looks Vintage

best thrift stores in nyc

Looking for vintage clothing at affordable prices? Try visiting one of the Looks Vintage thrift stores in New York. This Brooklyn-based store specializes in vintage pieces from the early 1990s and early 2000s. This store is one of the best thrift stores in NYC.

While Y2K fashion isn’t as popular today, you can find Ed Hardy dresses, graphic tees, and other items in these thrift stores. In addition to affordable vintage clothing, you can even purchase a Tom Ford-era Gucci loafer!

The store also hosts $1 sales on Earth Day and runs by appointment. If you’re on a budget, look for clothing and other vintage finds for under $20. You can find everything from plus-size sweaters to daily staples and even sneakers.

There are even special collections of vintage shoes, which can be worn year-round! Looks Vintage has many locations across New York City, so don’t be shy about visiting one!

Location: 684 Broadway, New York, NY 10012
Phone: 518-424-8185
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Goodwill NYNJ Store & Donation Center

best thrift stores in nyc

Located on W 135 St, the Goodwill NYNJ Store & Donations Center accepts donations of clothing, books, toys, and household items from New Yorkers. This store is one of the best thrift stores in NYC.

Whether you’re a Manhattan resident or live in nearby Bergen County, this store can help you get in touch with your community. If you’re in Manhattan, use Moovit, a free public transit app, to get directions to Goodwill.

Check out The Goodwill stores for clothing and household items at an affordable price. These stores often feature a rewards system where you get points for every dollar you spend.

Not only do proceeds go to support people with disabilities, but you can also find items for your home or wardrobe at Housing Works, a thrift store that raises funds for homelessness and HIV/AIDS services. You can even find books, home items, and fashion at this store.

Location: Various Locations
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Vintage Thrift Shop

best thrift stores in nyc

For a unique shopping experience, visit a Vintage Thrift Shop. Founded by a Japanese woman in 2008, this thrift shop sells a variety of items from vintage to new sample items. This store is one of the best thrift stores in NYC.

All items are priced at or below $30 and include everything from designer shoes to vintage clothing. If you have a special occasion, the shop often hosts a costume party.

The staff is friendly and there’s plenty to choose from. In addition to selling unique items, Vintage Thrift also helps raise funds for a charity that focuses on juvenile diabetes research.

In Brooklyn, Ledi and Elona opened a vintage thrift shop that specializes in the ’90s and early 2000s vintage items. Y2K is a popular fashion trend these days, and if you’re looking to look like a hippie from the ’90s, a Vintage Thrift Shop is the perfect place to find some awesome vintage pieces.

You’ll find vintage Ed Hardy dresses and graphic tees to match your style. You can even donate your discarded vintage clothing and jewelry to a local nonprofit to help people who need it.

Location: 286 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10010
Phone: 212-871-0777
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AuH2O, East Village

best thrift stores in nyc

The curated second-hand fashion boutique AuH2O in Manhattan is a great find for those who want to spend a few dollars. The name is an acronym for Gold (Au) and Water (H2O), which represents the store’s owner’s last name.

The store carries everything from designer-less vintage items to bigger-name labels like Nanette Lepore and Marc by Marc. This store is one of the best thrift stores in NYC.

Founded by a former model, this store sells affordable designer items. You can shop for the latest trends online, or stop by their physical locations in Brooklyn.

They also accept your gently used, clean duds for store credit. The shop is open 12-8 pm, Wednesdays and Saturdays, and closes for lunch from 3:30-4:15 pm. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Location: 84 E 7th St, New York, NY 10003
Phone: 917-261-7474
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Buffalo Exchange

best thrift stores in nyc

The Buffalo Exchange is an iconic American thrift store. Its locations are spread across the city and offer a diverse selection of used clothes, shoes, and household items at bargain prices.

Although it is known for its large stampedes, it is a good place to find unique designer pieces at great prices. There are five NYC locations, but they are all worth checking out.

While you may not find the exact item that you are looking for, you will find some quality pieces here at a price you can afford.

In addition to a wide selection of used clothing, the Buffalo Exchange also has a unique mission. It supports many nonprofit organizations and has a $1 sale on Earth Day.

The proceeds of these sales benefit organizations that work with people with disabilities and are seeking to create a better life.

The Buffalo Exchange also accepts donations of books, jewelry, and other items. This is one of the best thrift stores in NYC and has been around for over a century!

Location: Various Locations
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Housing Works

best thrift stores in nyc

The renowned charity Housing Works operates thrift stores in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Each location features an illustrated map made by a local fashion designer.

It features whimsical illustrations of famous cities and neighborhoods, as well as an outline of each retail store and clinic. You can visit the stores in person, or browse through the online catalog.

The organization has been in business for decades and is committed to fighting poverty and homelessness. Here are five reasons to visit their thrift stores.

If you’re looking for vintage, quirky or rare pieces of clothing, visit the Housing Works thrift stores in NYC. You can find amazing finds here for a fraction of the retail price. This store is one of the best thrift stores in NYC.

Many thrift stores also offer buy-sell-trade options so you can sell or trade your items. There’s an option for you, no matter what your budget or taste.

And, of course, every item sold at these stores benefits local charities.

Location: Various Locations
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Monk Vintage Thrift Shop

best thrift stores in nyc

You can find a variety of designer pieces for a reasonable price at the Monk Vintage Thrift Shop. The store accepts clothing trades and offers cash or store credit.

You can even get a discount on the merchandise you purchase in-store. The store is well organized and sells only legal items. Its large inventory includes women’s clothing, men’s clothing, furniture, and accessories.

The monk vintage thrift shop in Williamsburg has a variety of clothes for any season. From winter coats to summer sandals, this store has what you need. This store is one of the best thrift stores in NYC.

In the summertime, they have an entire wall of summer shorts. Don’t forget to bring your old jeans, shirts, and shoes! The store accepts donations and gives up to 25% off store purchases.

Located on Driggs Avenue, Monk Vintage is a popular Brooklyn vintage store. The clothing here is a perfect mix of vintage and modern. Monk Vintage also sells vintage accessories, art, and movie posters.

It is a great place to donate clothes and you’ll get a discount for every item you donate. Don’t forget that they also take donations, so you can shop for a bargain every time. And if you buy something from them, you’ll get a free 25% off your next purchase.

Location: 500 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Phone: 718-384-6665

Cure Thrift Shop

best thrift stores in nyc

In addition to selling secondhand clothes, this Quirky store also sells furniture and home goods. The store supports diabetes research through the proceeds of the sales.

While you are there, you can also find the perfect holiday gift! The best part about this shop is that all proceeds go to fund research for diabetes.

It is a great place to pick up last-minute gifts, such as Christmas gifts for loved ones. Also, this store is one of the best thrift stores in NYC.

While some thrift stores just sell anything you can find in your closet, Cure Thrift is a special place to find some unique pieces. Cure Thrift’s buyers travel the country searching for rare vintage merchandise to sell for a fraction of the original cost.

All profits go to Type 1 diabetes research. The store’s founder, Liz Wolff, was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at age 11.

If you are looking for vintage clothing and accessories, check out IndigoStyle Vintage in Brooklyn. The store has items for as little as nine dollars. This black-owned business also sells a lot of items made by local designers and makers.

For funky home decor, head to Tired Thrift in SoHo. L Train Vintage has five stores across the Brooklyn subway line. If you want to buy a designer bag, visit Cure Thrift, a large thrift store in the East Village.

Location: 91 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10003
Phone: 212-505-7467
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L Train Vintage

best thrift stores in nyc

L Train Vintage is a secondhand clothing store in New York City packed with clothes, shoes, and accessories from the past decade. Many of the items are affordable and perfect for those on a budget.

For a more unique shopping experience, visit the store on a Saturday morning to get the best deals on vintage clothes. Here, you can also find a vintage car, a motorcycle, and other antiques.

L Train Vintage is a Brooklyn mini-chain that offers the best selection of inexpensive vintage clothing in the City. Featuring over 200 reviews, this store offers affordable vintage clothing for men and women.

You can pick up a vintage jacket for as little as $16, and you’ll find it at affordable prices. It has six locations throughout the city, so you won’t have a hard time finding a vintage piece for a bargain price.

For denim, head to L Train Vintage. They have multiple locations in Brooklyn. LAAMS is another thrift store, but they also carry some beautiful works of art. You can also find a wide variety of vintage pieces at Quality Mending Co.

Whether you’re in the mood for vintage pieces, check out the latest styles at a great price. This is a great way to discover unique vintage items. This store is one of the best thrift stores in NYC.

Location: Various Locations
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Mother of Junk

If you’re looking for a treasure trove of retro relics, consider visiting the “Mother of Junk” thrift store in Brooklyn, NY. With over 5,000 square feet of space, this Williamsburg thrift store is the ultimate treasure trove for retro fashion, jewelry, home goods, and more.

While the items aren’t in the best condition, they are guaranteed to impress and may even turn out to be worth repairing. Whether you’re after vintage furniture or just a treasure hunt, you’ll find everything you need in Mother of Junk. The Mother of Junk is one of the best thrift stores in NYC.

Known for its eclectic mix of quality pieces, Buffalo Exchange is one of the most well-known thrift stores in the country, with locations in the fashion capital of Paris. All five boroughs are served by this chain, which trades directly with customers.

Though Buffalo Exchange is famous for high-end designer pieces, you can expect to find a variety of vintage accessories, furniture, and more. You can even score vintage posters if you’re lucky.

Location: 567 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Phone: 718-640-6299

Crossroads Trading Company

If you’re looking for a unique way to shop while being kind to the environment, consider stopping by one of the many Crossroads Trading Company thrift stores in New City. This store is one of the best thrift stores in NYC.

These “recycled” fashion retailers have been serving environmentally conscious shoppers since 1991. Customers can trade in or sell gently-used clothes for cash, while finding name-brand clothing at a great price. The company even offers a small selection of new items.

The Berkeley location is larger than the New York store, and has plenty of spring and summer looks for the upcoming season. A recent Oakland shopper purchased a lightweight pantsuit for $21, while flowy pants and sandals range from $13 to $24 depending on the brand.

Men can also find a wide variety of clothing and accessories at Crossroads, ranging from basic suits to a Marc Jacobs dress.

The two major New York City thrift stores are located at Beacon’s Closet and Crossroads Trading Company. Neither location is located in midtown Manhattan, but the latter is larger and more spacious.

In addition to these stores, there are some great street thrift stores in Manhattan, like the Wonders of Walter. This local thrift store features unique and vintage clothing and shoes. And as an added bonus, you’ll be doing something good for the environment.

Location: Various Locations
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